He Threw His Son and Future In-laws Out of His Second House After They Uninvited Him From His Son’s Wedding



OP and his wife bought a house in PA, where their son lives. They had bought the house as their second home, but their son went to college in the same area and ended up loving it more there.

They, therefore, let their son live in the 4-bedroom house, and they would occasionally visit and spend some family time together.  All seemed to be working well until his future in-laws decided that OP’s family was not “good enough” for them.

Not Our Cup of Tea

OP and his wife pay taxes, service, and maintenance fees for the house. Their son pays for the house’s utilities and his groceries. This arrangement worked well for them until their son met his girlfriend.

OP’s son and girlfriend got serious pretty quickly. OP has met the girlfriend, and he says she seems “nice enough.” They announce their engagement shortly, and the girlfriend moves into the house with OP’s son. OP seems to have no problem with this.

The only problem came when the wedding time came.

They have a little get-together, and everyone is there. OP, his wife, OP’s son, OP’s son’s fiancee, and her parents and siblings are all there trying to get to know each other. Everyone seems to be getting along with each other.

Then, OP’s wife and OP’s daughter go into the house together with the fiancee. A few minutes later, OP’s wife and daughter storm out of the house, looking upset. They walk over to OP, tell him they have to leave and drive back to their first home in NJ.

OP tries to find out what went wrong but decides to wait until his wife and daughter calm down. When they finally open up, they reveal that OP’s son and his fiancee have decided to exclude OP’s family from the wedding because, apparently, they were not their “kind of people.”

Brainwashed or Just Delusional?

OP was upset and decided to call his son. His son tells him that that’s what the fiance’s family feels. He elaborates that her family feels like OP’s family is not good enough and would embarrass them at the wedding, so they uninvited them.

OP is livid but takes a week to calm himself down as he thinks things over. He then drives to his PA home, where his son lives, and finds the fiancee and her family there. They have all moved into the house. Their first reaction was to ask OP why he was there.

Still trying to be patient with them, OP tells them he is there to talk to his son since they are uninvited from the wedding. At this point, the OP’s future in-laws push it further and ask OP to leave “their” house. This was the last straw for OP; he lost it and told them he was giving them 30 days to leave the house. He leaves the property, heads straight to a realtor, and lists the house for sale.

The in-laws immediately call OP’s son and tell him what OP said. They thought OP’s son owned the house. OP’s son called his father back to find out why he was selling the house. OP tells him he bought the house and paid for everything alongside the taxes. He reminds his son that he is living in the house rent-free, but since he does not want his family in his life, he will have to get out. He tells his son he too has 30 days to vacate the house, or he will have to involve a lawyer to evict them.

Redditors Weigh In

The top comment said, “NTA. And I want an update on this because it sounds nuts. What kind of people do they think you are? How was your son ok with excluding his whole family? Do you think your son’s been brainwashed by his fiancée? How did he think the house was “his” when he didn’t pay its taxes? So many questions.”

Another said, “NTA. They all moved into your house?? That’s so bizarre. Tell them they’re not your kind of people, aka squatters.”

Another one, with suggestions on what OP should do, “NTA. Get a lawyer like yesterday. You need to officially evict them and make sure it can not be contested as the in-laws are technically squatters due to you not knowing they were moving in, and your only agreement is with the son. You need to ensure you’re safe to sell the house and evict them in the right way. Also, you need to go over and take pictures and videos so they can’t tank the value and are held accountable for any damages; if they’re willing to kick you out of the wedding, they’re probably willing to destroy sh** to spite you and you need to protect yourself.”

Reading the comments, there were so many questions coming up. Like why did the entire family move in that quick? Was OP’s son being brainwashed? Could there be sharp political and religious differences?


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