Enabler of Laziness? She Called Out Her Adult Nephew for Abandoning Duties He Had Been Paid For



A woman posted in the AITA group wanting to know whether she was wrong for calling out his 24-year-old nephew for abandoning standard adult duties, which he had been prepaid for.

Just a Mom or an Enabler of Laziness

The original poster (OP) has a 24-year-old nephew who lives with his mother less than a mile away. The nephew, who I will call Paul for this post, recently graduated from college and moved back to his mother’s house. He also recently quit his job at Chick-fil-A.

So, the original poster says they were going away for six nights during the Christmas holidays. She, therefore, prepaid Paul to stay at their house and let out their two dogs.

The arrangement was Paul would let out the dogs, but since he won’t be spending the night on Christmas Eve, he would come early in the morning and let the dogs out.

From the numerous cameras OP says they have around the house, she saw that Paul did not spend the night before Christmas Eve. Then, he did not let the dogs out for 18 hours between Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Can You Please Follow Up on Your Duties

Seeing that Paul had abandoned the dogs, OP decided to text him. She asked him if such a time gap would happen again. She added that she could coordinate with her friends to let the dogs out if Paul could not.

Everything escalated when Paul immediately called his mum, saying OP attacked him. Paul’s mum (OP’s sister) immediately called OP back, asking her why she was being mean to Paul and attacking him, especially since he was doing his best.

OP went ahead and explained that she was not being mean. All she wanted was for Paul to inform her if he could not do what he was already paid for, so she could make alternative arrangements earlier.

Paul’s mum said they were enjoying their family time and forgot about OP’s dogs, and anyway, the dogs had made no mess. She went ahead and added that they needed to give Jack (her dog) more attention before they went and let OP’s dogs out.

The Masses Weigh In

One commenter said, “NTA (not the ***hole), but I think you know how to avoid this situation in the future – stop hiring your nephew and pay someone more reliable.”

Another comment said, “NTA. You were right to hold your nephew to adult standards. He is over the age of 18. It’s sad how he started to b*** about it to his mother when it was his fault. What’s even sadder is that she took his side probably because he is her son.”

Another said, “NTA. The real ***hole is his mom, who treats him like a 12 year old instead of 24. He may have been more responsible when he was 12 because he would be trying to be. He doesn’t try, and his mom tells him that’s okay.”

And lastly, “NTA – his mom is enabling him. Your dogs deserve better.”

A good number of commenters recommended using Rover, a dog-sitting app that dog owners can use. (It’s also a great way for someone to easily make extra money as a dog sitter).

The OP later updated the post saying she had “fired” her unemployed nephew and started using Rover. She added that she had got pet sitters on Rover and already booked their next three months of trips

What do you think? Is OP wrong for calling out her nephew for not doing a job he had been paid for? Do you think his mother is enabling his behavior? Would OP be better off hiring pet sitters from Rover and dropping his unemployed nephew?

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