Karen Insists He Be FIRED for Not Helping Her Properly but He DOESNT Work There, “I Want You Fired”



He offered to “quit,” but Karen insists he shouldn’t; he should wait to be fired instead.

A college student posted on Reddit, narrating his ordeal with a “Karen” in a hardware store.

Too Hungover To Deal With You

So, the original poster (OP) says they had a rowdy kickback in their apartment the night before his nasty encounter at a hardware store. He and his roommates noticed holes in the walls when they woke up the following day. Despite being hungover, they decided to go to a hardware store to get material to fix the damaged walls.

They get to the hardware store, OP is supposed to get paint, and his roommate is to get plaster for the walls.

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OP gets to the paint department and starts looking at the paint swatches. He is trying to figure out the exact color of their walls but cannot remember it clearly. Since there is no employee in the paint department, he picks a color for himself.

As he waited for his roommate to be done, he started sorting out the paint swatches. In case you are wondering why he would be sorting out the paint in a store he does not work in; he attributes it to OCD. He also states that he is an art minor; it could just be his thing.

Now, he did not know this would lead to a terrible exchange. As he is sorting out things, another customer walks in to the store. Seemingly, OP’s mind was preoccupied when this customer walked in.

He returns to his senses when the customer shouts and demands him to mix her paint. His hangover has blocked his ability to respond promptly, but this Karen pushes it by screaming even louder, wanting her paint mixed immediately.

OP manages to coordinate his brain and tells Karen that he does not work in that store. Karen cut him mid-sentence saying, “Don’t f**** lie to me. I saw you sorting the color wall poorly. Only a lazy employee would do that sort of S***!”

“Ma’am, Honestly, I’m hungover, and your screeching is making me want to puke,” OP replied, clearly already fed up with Karen.

Karen is used to getting things her way, “YOU ARE F**** TERRIBLE WORKER AND TERRIBLE PERSON FOR SAYING THAT. I’M GOING TO GET YOUR MANAGER AND HAVE YOU FIRED.” She immediately stormed off to get the boss.


I Will Get Go Your Manager Myself

OP’s roommate was behind, watching this confrontation. As they wait for the manager to return and hopefully get their paints mixed, OP starts narrating what happened.

Soon after, an annoyed Karen walks in, accompanied by the boss. She immediately points at OP, screaming, “THAT’S THE ONE THAT CALLED ME AN ORANGUTAN WH***, AND HE NEEDS TO BE FIRED RIGHT NOW. HE EVEN TOLD ME HE IS DRUNK!!”

The manager tells Karen that OP does not even work in that store. She won’t stop insisting because he saw OP sorting out the paint.

“Okay, then I quit,” OP said in an attempt to cut the story short, he thought.

“YOU CAN’T QUIT; I WANT YOU FIRED.” She fired back.

At this point, OP and his roommate have mixed their paint and are ready to leave. They walk out as the manager tries to calm Karen down with coupons.

OP later learned that police had to be called to walk her out of the store. It did not stop at that; she returned that day and vandalized the store items.

What the Internet Had To Say

One commenter said, “These stories tend to not end well for Karens. Yet, their species never seem to learn.” 

Another said, “That manager seems like a nice guy but a bad manager. He gave her coupons? He had to call the police to get her to leave but didn’t press charges. He creates Karens.”

What do you think? Could the manager deal with such scenarios any better? How about OP- could he have done better to give Karen a taste of her own medicine? 

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