Slashed Tires in the Name of Pranking? She Uninvited Her Dad and Brother From Her Wedding



A Reddit user shared a story about how she had to uninvite her cousin, uncle, brother, and dad to her wedding for pranks they played on her fiancée.

Slashed Tires in the Name of Pranking?

The OP said she grew up in a family where members loved playing pranks on each other. Once she got engaged to her fiancee, Tim, her family members played pranks on him to test what kind of man he is.

His reaction to the prank would inform them about his character.  Some of the “pranks” included things like slashing his car tires and waiting to see his reaction.

Tim has asthma, and the OP’s family members thought he was weak and slow for making excuses. The OP demanded that they stop pranking Tim, but her dad said she was ruining the fun.

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They took Tim on a 3-day trip and hid his inhaler. Tim had to return home 7 hours into the trip. The OP was furious at her relatives and uninvited them to her wedding. Her dad said they were offering Tim a challenge and would apologize ‘if need be.’

The OP decided to cut off communication with the relatives, and her dad was furious with her. Her cousin kept begging her to talk. Her uncle and brother never reached out to her.

Efforts by her mother to intervene on dad’s behalf bore no fruit. Her mother thought that the OP was exaggerating the whole situation.

The OP wants to know if she was exaggerating or whether her decision to uninvite the relatives was justified.

The Masses Weigh In

The post garnered a lot of comments and opinions from different Reddit users. Most people supported the OP, while others told her she was to blame because she took a long time to put the family in their place while they harassed her fiancee.

They Are Not Pranking Him- They Are Outright Bullying Him

Many users pointed out that pranks are meant to be harmless. However, the ‘pranks’ the OP’s family pulled on Tim bordered on bullying. “This doesn’t sound like pranking but more like bullying. Who slashes tires as a prank? Or messes with someone’s health as a prank? Just they just seem like big bullies to me,” one of them commented.

Another added, “That wasn’t a prank or a joke, it was an act of cruelty. Sounds like Tim is the only “real man” among them.”

Their Pranks Were Dangerous and Criminal

Many users quickly noted that the pranks carried on Tim had life-threatening consequences. “As a registered nurse, all I can say is that is despicable and they could have potentially put his life in danger,” retorted one.

Another user said, “Hiding lifesaving medication is not a prank, not even if they say they were going to give it back. Lots of things can go wrong and they have no idea how big it can be until it hits them on the head.”

One user noted that the family members were ignorant and their actions could lead to an ugly end for Tim, “Since I assume none of them are medical professionals, how exactly where they planning on “testing” his asthma? At what point during his asthma attack would they be able to tell if he was being soft or if it was real? Before or after he passed out/died?”

“Your family is toxic, rude and dangerous! Leave these people far behind! Hiding the inhaler was criminal!” another user added.

Tim Must Really Love You, or He’d Be Gone

Some users observed how Tim stuck with the OP, although he didn’t like her relatives. One said, “Obviously, Tim went on that camping trip with them for you, he clearly does not like these people. He wants to keep the peace and impress your family because he sees how much it means to you.”

Another user agreed with this comment and urged the OP to do something about it, “You need to set things straight immediately that he comes first or else this will be the end of your relationship. He’s likely already seriously considered if you’re worth the hassle. You need to ensue he understands you stick by him period.”

This is in light of views from other users who think Tim should dump her because her toxic family members will hold a grudge against him forever. One user said, “This guy should dump her and her toxic family and marry in to a family of decent human beings. Uninviting them to the wedding is the least thing, they’re just going to retaliate for their whole lives.”

Op Should Cut Ties With Her Family

Several users said that the OP’s family was toxic. If the OP wants to enjoy a good life with her husband, she has to cut them off. “Cut all contact with your abusive family – including your enabling mother. Enjoy the rest of your life with your fiancé. Create a new healthy family. If you don’t, it might literally become the hill your fiancé dies on because they might hide his inhaler again.”

Another reminded her that her future child will also be subjected to the same treatment, “Please evaluate whether you want them in your life. All I can picture is a future child being pranked like this. This is no joke.”

“You can’t be around these people at all, and you sure as hell can’t ask Tim to risk his health and safety for the sake of pretending that your family is just a little quirky or whatever,” another added.

The Relatives Were Driving Tim Away

One user said that the actions of her family would drive Tim away eventually, and they would not be apologetic about it, “You’re not exaggerating. They’re going to drive him away from you and be all oh shucks.”

Do you think the OP took a drastic step by uninviting her close relatives to her wedding? Is there a better way this would have played out? What would you have done if you were in her position?


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