She Swore Never To Cook for Her Husband Again After He Ate Everyone’s Meal by Himself



A woman decided never to cook for her husband again and wanted to know whether she was in the wrong for it. She posted the ordeal on the “TwoHotTakes” subreddit to find out what people thought about the whole thing.


Not Enough Food or Just Gluttonous?


The original poster (OP), a 36-year-old woman, is married to a 39-year-old man. OP has a 16-year-old son, but it is important to note that OP’s husband is not the biological father of her son.

One evening, OP’s son calls her and asks for a ride home from work. She was making tacos for dinner but left it midway to go collect her son first.

Now, while OP was gone, her husband ate all the meat meant for the tacos. This left OP and her son with no food to eat.

OP was livid when she learned her husband had eaten all the meat she left on top of the stove.

When confronted on why he ate all the food by himself, he brushed it off, saying OP hadn’t made enough food. From the comments and the updates, OP says the meat was to make tacos to serve 5 people.

 You Don’t Deserve an Apology

The husband even said some sandwich meat was in the fridge, and OP’s son could have that. Worse still, he snapped at OP when she decided to order food for her son.

She has decided to cook just enough food for herself and her son the following evening. She then planned to direct the husband to the sandwich meat if he asked where his share of the meal was.

What is even more disturbing is how unremorseful he was. OP asked him to apologize to her son, which he did via text. He, however, refused to apologize to OP and says she is “always angry.”

Will she be petty if she decides to cook for herself and her son only moving forward?

The Masses Weigh In

One comment that pretty much summed up everything said, “This is not about the taco meat. He deliberately ate the whole meal when he knew it was meant for the family (no one thinks 1.5 pounds of taco meat is a single serving) and blamed you for it/minimized your feelings by writing you off as being “always angry” (it’s pretty easy to be “always angry” when your husband is a total {jerk}). To top it all off, you had to MAKE him apologize……like a toddler. NTA, but you need to ask yourself if your husband brings more to the table than he takes away—figuratively AND literally in this case. The fact that you refer to him as a selfish manchild who makes you question your relationship tells me this is not some random, out-of-character incident and probably part of a pattern.”

Another jumped into the conversation, saying, “NTA. I would do that… make food for my children & tell him “there’s lunch meat for sandwiches in the fridge.” He ate ALL of the meat? What a pig. And then to treat the children as second-class citizens while he wants a big meal all to himself??? Nuh-uh. He is a grown adult who can fend for himself. Your children are still minors that need to be cared for by their parents.”

And lastly, one commenter had something to say about OP’s husband’s motives, “Bet it was to punish her for trying to make him wait to eat and dropping everything to pick up her son. (She did right, btw). He resents her caring about her son and feels like she doesn’t care as much for him, a grown adult.”

OP clarified that this recipe has worked for the entire family, not once but so many times; she just does not understand why her husband thought the meal was all his. She also highlighted that her trip to pick up her son took around 10 minutes.

What should be her next move?


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