She Came Home and Her Wedding Dress Was Gone, He Had Returned It Because It Was “Too Expensive”



Imagine coming home and finding your wedding dress missing from the closet… and then finding out your fiancee returned it to the store without asking you.

A Reddit user shared her story of going off on her fiancee for returning her wedding dress.

Pre-Marital Issues

The original poster (OP) and her fiancee are getting married soon. OP said she and her fiance have been arguing about a few things, such as the venue and the flower girl.

More recently, OP said they’ve been arguing about her wedding dress. OP said that ever since she was young, she wanted her own wedding dress. Her fiance, however, thinks that it’s “not okay” to waste a couple of thousand dollars on a dress she is only going to wear once.

OP’s fiance suggested she rent a dress instead of buying one. He said that she was irresponsible with money and mentioned how much money she had already put aside for makeup and hair. OP said that she has a vision of what she wants to look like on her wedding day and that she thinks that is her right as a bride.

OP said she purchased the dress, but a day later, it was missing from her closet. OP said she freaked out, and her fiance told her he had returned it and gotten the money back.

OP asked him why he did that, and he said that the dress was “ridiculously expensive” and a waste of money and again suggested she rent a dress instead.

The Blowup

OP said she blew up and went off on him, which she had never done before. He took a few steps back and told her to calm down. OP told him that he had no right to do what he did and that she was the one paying for the dress.

He said that there’s no “I’m paying for it myself” in marriage and that her attitude is “setting the tone” for what dynamic they’ll have in their marriage.

He accused her of expecting him to pay for everything while she kept “her money” or spent it irresponsibly. She told him that he gets zero say in how she spends her money, and he told her to grow up and stop with the “dream wedding dress” cliche.

He then went and called his mom, who got upset with OP and told her that she wouldn’t let her ruin her son’s “financial stability” with how she manages money.

She also told OP to rent a dress or buy a cheaper one, but she declined. OP said her fiance has the refund for the dress but is withholding it until they “agree to a solution.”

Was OP’s husband justified in returning the dress? Should OP rent a dress instead of buying one? How would you have reacted in this situation?

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