Her Friend Is FURIOUS She Is Going on a Anniversary Trip With Her Husband Instead of Her Baby Shower, “It Is My Special Day”



A Reddit user shared a story about how her friend became hysterical and mad because they refused to drop everything on their table to attend her baby shower.

Indecisive, Much?

The OP has a friend (Victoria) who just can’t seem to make up her mind on anything. This is a behavior that occasionally infuriates the OP and her friends because they cannot trust Victoria to stick to a plan. She always changes the plan last minute, inconveniencing everyone.

The OP gave an example of when Victoria was getting married. She changed wedding dates twice because she found a better venue each time.

People received their deposits back, but some could not attend the wedding on the second date. When some friends confronted her, she said it was her special day, and she could do whatever she wanted.

This year Victoria is pregnant with her first kid. Her friends helped her plan for the baby shower (happening in a couple of weeks’ time), and one of them offered to give her a venue for the party. Victoria agreed.

A few days later, she changed her mind again and changed the venue and date. Some people (including the OP) could not attend on the new date.

The OP was having an anniversary with her husband on the said day. They had already booked non-refundable tickets and resort accommodations in a remote place.

Victoria asked the OP to reschedule the anniversary as she said she needed her at the shower. The OP refused since they had planned the trip for about a year.

She said she would send a gift, and Victoria became upset since many other people had canceled as well. The OP advised her to keep the original plans as their friend was still willing to host, but Victoria’s mind was set on the new dates.

Victoria tried using the ‘it is my special day’ trick, and the OP told her off. The OP told her it was her right to change the dates as she wished, but she shouldn’t expect other people to change their plans at the last minute to accommodate her.

Victoria became hysterical after the OP told her to stop being mad that people had canceled because they also had lives. She cried and hung up on the OP.

Some of the OP’s friends felt the OP was a bit harsh, but others felt she told Victoria what needed to be said.

The OP turned to the Reddit community to know if people thought she did wrong by refusing to change her plans to accommodate Victoria’s.

The Masses Weigh In

The Reddit users sided with the OP, and everyone had something to say regarding the issue.

She Got a Taste of Her Own Medicine

One user noted that she was mad because she got a taste of her own medicine, “She does not seem to be understanding OP’s gentle approach so now a taste of her own medicine is in order.”

Another added, “She needed someone to tell her the truth . In her mind she sees everybody being mean to her and unsupportive when in reality she is the problem.”

“How can she expect you to cancel your own plans, non refundable at that, at her whim? Hopefully she will learn from that the hard way,” asked another person.

Boundaries Are Important

According to one user, Victoria shouldn’t have expected her friends to drop everything at her whim, “She can’t expect people to keep changing plans on her whims. If people accommodate her, she will continue to do this.”

Another user agreed to say, “You set boundaries, you didn’t say anything cruel, everything was honest. You were not out of line. As described this is normal, healthy confrontation and something she probably needed to hear a long time ago.”

She Has No Respect for Others

Someone thinks she behaves as she does because she has no respect for others, “I think she’s someone who has no respect for others. People can’t drop everything, just so they can accommodate her.”

“If she’s going to be put out because people won’t re-arrange their lives for her updated plans then you did the right thing by explaining to her that the world doesn’t revolve around her,” One added.

Other users think Victoria is a bit self-centered. One said, “She is wasting people’s time and money planning stuff only to change her mind. She can’t expect people to be available if she changes the date. She seems very self absorbed.”

Another agreed with this sentiment, saying, “She either needs to fix her habits or stop making it other people’s problems or you should probably consider if you truly want someone like that in your life.”

Indecisive? Try Entitled

Some users thought that the OP was being too soft. One said, “Indecisive” is a funny way to spell “entitled”. Another agreed to say, “It’s also time to stop calling her indecisive. She is simply selfish and inconsiderate.”

What’s your thought on this? Would you have changed your plan to accommodate Victoria? Do you think the OP and Victoria’s friendship will be the same after this?



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