Oops! Woman Drops Her Dog off in a Pet Friendly Office, Thinking It’s a Nearby Dog Daycare



This is probably one of the stories that have a good ending (despite starting on a rather flat note) on Reddit.

The OP works in an office that allows dogs. She was the only one without a pet and felt left out somehow. Until a stroke of luck (and probably fate?) brought a dog right up to her office. Across the way to the office was a dog daycare, which makes this story more interesting.

A woman walks into the office one day with a massive basset hound in hand. The OP thought that she had come to see someone or had an appointment. People who came to the office rarely brought their dogs along. The OP was the first contact person. The woman seemed to be in a hurry as she asked whether they took walk-ins.

The OP asked her who she had contacted, but the woman did not have a name in mind. However, she dropped the dog and his favorite food and told the OP she would be back to pick him up in a few hours.

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The OP took the dog, hoping to drop him off to whoever the woman had come to see. However, no one in the office had a clue about what she was talking about.

The OP was worried that the woman would not come back, but she didn’t mind much as she now had her own office dog. The dog (Otis) was a good dog who was content lying on a big cushy bed they had found in the office.

At the end of the day, the woman came back, took her dog, and asked the OP how much she owed. The OP was confused at first, but she blurted out “$20,” to which the woman looked surprised. The OP couldn’t tell whether she had asked for too much or too little. The woman paid and left.

More Affordable and Less Crowded

She came back the next week and said that the OP was so much more affordable and less crowded than other places. The OP couldn’t bring herself to tell her that it was not a dog daycare. She was content to spend time with Otis.

Soon after, Otis would get dropped off occasionally, and he made friends quickly with everyone in the office. The day they took the office Christmas card, Otis was there, so they included him.

It turned out that the owner was friends with one of their clients, and she chanced to see Otis on a card and came to the office, upon the realization that it was not a dog daycare.

The OP was apprehensive since she couldn’t tell how the owner would react after she told her the story. The dog’s owner was okay with everything, and she even left the dog again that day. Otis used to be brought to the office until his family moved away, and by then, the OP had taken a new job.

She told the story to Reddit users and was met with a lot of admirable reactions.

Reddit Users Respond

Many users had kind words for the OP for taking care of a stranger’s dog and treating it as her own.

One user noted, “This is the most wholesome story I have seen on this subreddit in a long time, thanks op” Another added, “That is the most weirdest, but wholesome, story I have read in a long time. Thank you for sharing.”

“This brightened up my day! It was refreshing to read something sweet and positive for a change. With all that is going on in the world right now, on top of the usual negativity that floats on this subreddit, this was a nice change. Thank you!” commented another person.

Both Otis and the Owner Sound Lovely

A user remarked about how she found Otis and his owner lovely, “That’s awesome! Otis sounds like a great dog, and his owner sounds a bit ditzy but like a genuinely lovely person!”

“Did anyone else think while reading that the owner was going to be awful about it? What a wholesome relief!!!” said another user.

It Was a Win-win for Everyone

“…all she got was a little embarrassment. You were taking great care of her dog, and you didn’t break her bank account to do so. I mean, she had to realize she had a good thing going. It was a wholesome win-win for everyone!” commented another person.

This is a story that could get published in a magazine.

Another user told the OP that the story was magazine-worthy, “This is an excellent story, and it would fit well in any context, not only this subreddit. I just read it aloud to my wife (yeah, we’re sitting around doing nothing important also) and she enjoyed it, even though she doesn’t even use Reddit. I could see it being published in a magazine (with just a little editorial tweaking). It’s the kind of personal story the Reader’s Digest used to publish regularly (and maybe they still do; I just haven’t seen the Reader’s Digest in a long time), except most of their reader-submitted stories were much shorter than this. If you can find a newspaper or magazine that does publish this kind of thing, I would encourage you to submit it. They might even pay you!”


Did this story warm your heart? What would you have done as Otis’s owner if you learned that you have been dropping him off at an office instead of a dog daycare?



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