She Gave Her Cleaning Lady Items She Was To Donate but the Lady Wanted More – And Pouted When She Declined



A Reddit user shared a story about how her kindness was taken as a weakness by her cleaning lady.

OP was decluttering, and because there was a lot of work to do, she hired a cleaning lady to help out with the heavy cleaning.

She had marked an electric coffee maker, a popcorn maker, and a mini grill for sandwiches for donation since she had not used them in years. She decided to offer them to the cleaning lady as she figured it would save her the trip to the donation center, and the cleaning lady might probably have a use for them.

Can I Have That PS4, Too, Please?

She was happy and thanked the OP for the donation as she went back to her work. When she came to clean the living room, she spotted a PS4 and asked the OP if she was giving it away as well. The OP said no.

The cleaning lady started talking about how her son played Minecraft on an old PC that does not run well and how he would love to play other games too.

When the OP ignored her, the cleaning lady pouted the rest of the time. The OP had to be present in every room she was in to ensure she cleaned properly after this incident. According to the OP, it was a typical example of offering someone a hand they ask for an arm.

What the Reddit Community Thought About This Situation

Many Reddit users came out to share their own stories of similar encounters while supporting the OP’s actions of refusing to offer more items to the cleaning lady.

One user said, “I had a friend that did this to me. I was getting rid of some things and thought to ask if he wanted anything before I offered it up on Facebook. Well, he took most of it. Then every time he would come over he would simply start asking if he could have stuff. I would, of course, say no.

He would say I’m not using so I should get rid of it. At one point he asked if we could trade apartments (we live in the same building). I said no, his place was smaller than mine and building management would notice. He said no they wouldn’t notice. I said I have too much stuff and wouldn’t be able to fit it all into his place. He told me that was fine and I could just leave all of it behind. He told me my stuff was so much nicer than his. I stopped letting him visit after that. If he came over and asked to come in I would say I was too busy for company.”

Another user commented, “This reminded me that something similar happened to me, many years ago, which I had completely forgotten about – I offered my cleaning lady my old TV. She was initially very excited, but then an hour or so later, she came and asked if she could actually take “the other one” … the “other one” being my brand new TV, which is why I had an old one.

Obviously, I said no. She looked disappointed (and a bit hurt).”

People Should Accept What Was Offered

“I don’t understand what goes through people’s minds in situations like this. They’re given something and turn around demanding more. Why can’t they accept what was offered and move on?” wondered one user.

Offer the Items After the Job Was Done

Some argue that if the OP offered the items after the cleaning was done, the scenario could have been avoided. One user said, “I guess the moral of the story appears to be; don’t offer anything free to anyone until the job is done. Sad.”

Do you think the OP was justified in her actions? What would you have done if you were in her shoes?



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