Mom Needs a Driver: He Thought It Was Odd He Was Invited to His Niece’s Wedding but After Driving for 600 Miles He Found Out Why



A Reddit user shared a story about how he was invited to his niece’s rehearsal dinner 600 miles away, which he thought was a bit weird, but he was about to find out why he was invited.

Mom Needs a Driver!

The OP said he ignored the warning signs when his sister (mother to the bride) told him that someone had to drive their mom (OP’s and hers) home. The mother lived approximately 70 miles from the rehearsal venue. The mother insisted that she could only ride in her own vehicle.

On Saturday (wedding day), OP’s mother was supposed to ride with OP’s other sister and her husband. The OP was to drive himself to the wedding in his vehicle. The other sister called the OP and told him that they had taken off early with her husband, and since their mother didn’t want to leave early, that left OP to drive her back home. They promised to drive her home the next day – the wedding day.

The wedding goes on well. At the reception, the OP orders a cocktail (Moscow Mule), and his mother comes to him furiously. She told him that he was not to consume any alcohol as he was there for one reason only: to drive her back home.

The rest of the family also ganged up on him and told him he should not drink before driving his mom back home. When the mother is ready to go, the sister and her husband, who was supposed to drive her back, told him they were having a good time and told him to take the mother home. They claim that since he was the eldest, he didn’t need to stay for the reception.

The OP left without saying a word or goodbye to anyone. He drove his mother home and, since he had left his car at her place, got in and left. He has not answered or returned any calls from any of his family since and does not intend to do so.

He turned to Reddit users to ask whether he was wrong to ignore them after they made him drive 600 miles just to be the designated driver to their mother.

The Masses Weigh In

Many users sympathized with how the OP was treated by his family. One noted, “Good for you for now ignoring them all. What a crappy family you have. Now you know better in the future to refuse any invitations. Your mom sounds….horrid,” Another user added.

You Did Not Make a Scene

Others congratulated him for not causing drama even after being mistreated by the family. One said, “You gave your niece the single best present of anyone there. You made for a drama-free wedding. You are an amazing uncle.”

“You are an awesome Uncle and wedding guest. You kept the focus on the couple and the occasion and took one for the team,” another quipped.

Another user agreed to say, “Yeah. You got played. Good for you on keeping your cool in public and not escalating a bad situation you got worked into.”

Should Have Left Without His Mother

Some suggested that he should have left the wedding without his mother. “You really should have left without your mother. I understand why you didn’t but their behavior is disgusting,” said one user.

Another added, “I know she’s your mom, but I probably would’ve left her there so she had to get a ride home with someone else.”

Your Family Is Self-centered and Inconsiderate

“That is so terrible. I’m so sorry. They all sound terribly self-centered, rude, and inconsiderate (including your mother),” said one user.

Another user said, “The OP was driving mom’s car so that mom could dictate the OP’s behavior at the wedding. Pulling this bit of nastiness was just the icing on the cake. By making the OP stay sober and leave early, she got to exert more control over the child that doesn’t live close by.”

Do you think the OP is being petty for not talking to them? How would you have reacted if you drove 600 miles to learn the only reason you were invited is to be the designated driver to an ungrateful mother?



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