Is She Wrong for Not Giving Up Her Seat on the Train to a Mother With Three Kids?



A woman posted on Mumsnet, wanting to know whether she was being unreasonable for keeping her seat after a mother of three got on the train and asked for her seat.


Still Recovering, but Doesn’t Look Like It

The original poster (OP) recently had a shoulder injury but was now out of the sling. Therefore, it would be difficult to know that she had an injury.

So, she had gotten from her dad’s and was heading to work on a train. She was seated at a table and had her backpack on the table. A man on the train had helped her load her bigger bag into the top luggage spaces on the train.

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All was going smoothly for her until a woman with three kids got on the train when they got to the next train station. Now, there were two empty seats next to OP. The woman asks OP if the seats are occupied, and she says no. So this woman proceeds and sits two of her kids on the two seats.

She then asks the OP to give up her seat because she has three kids that need to be sat down. OP explains that she recently had shoulder surgery; therefore, standing on a packed train would be too painful.

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The mother was not having it and insisted that she had three kids that needed to sit. At this point, OP is annoyed and tells the woman she does not care how many kids she has, but she is not giving up her seat. OP proceeded to tell her she should speak to the train conductor if she had any issues.

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The woman kept bugging the OP about her three kids and how much they needed a seat until the guy that helped load OP’s bag on top asked her to stop. The OP says she feels terrible about it but insists that she was justified to keep her seat.

Should she have given up her seat?

The Masses Weigh In

Reading the comments, everyone on the thread supported the OP and said she was not being unreasonable.

One commenter seemingly experiences this every other day when she gets on public transport, “Oh, I feel for you, OP. I’m the same. Disabled, but don’t look like it, and I get nasty comments for not moving while sitting in my reserved seat. Apparently, it wouldn’t have made any difference to me.” 

Another comment said, “But you can easily sit three children in the same space as two adults. Why didn’t she try this? There is no way I would have moved in the same situation.”

Another added, “And did she ask the person across from you to move or just you? Let me guess, the person across from you was a man, and she didn’t want to disturb him. YANBU (You are not being unreasonable) and you said a good response to her. Just because she has kids doesn’t allow her to be an entitled CF.”

And lastly, one that got me to think said, “I don’t understand the mindset of people with children these days. In my day, kids stood and let the adults have the seats. I have a four-year-old; I will stand with him if there isn’t a seat for him. Moving adults for children is ridiculous, in my opinion.”


What do you think about the last comment? Should adults give kids seats, or should kids give adults seats? Did the OP handle this well, or could she have done better? 

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