He Said He Got an Entitled Principal Fired After He Abducted His Niece for Allegedly Skipping Classes but Is the Story True?



A Reddit user shared a story that went viral quickly about how he got a principal fired after the principal abducted his niece. But is the story even true?

No One Skips Classes at My School!

According to the OP, his niece had come to visit during the summer vacation. The OP lives in Germany (Wuerttengberg), while the cousin lives in Bavaria. OP’s niece’s summer vacation started a week earlier than summer vacation in Wuerttengberg, and she went to visit the OP with her siblings.

One morning the OP and his niece took the dog for a walk. They were also to pass by the bakery to buy supplies. The bakery is situated on the other side of the street of a big school complex. The OP left the niece with the dog as he went into the bakery. When he came out, his niece was nowhere to be seen.

He called her and said she was glad he did, but before she could talk more, he heard the principal’s voice in the background asking her how she dared answer the call in his presence. The principal told her she was in trouble already for skipping classes and then took her phone.

The OP headed to the school and barged into the principal’s office. The principal was furious, but the OP explained he was the uncle of the girl he held captive. The girl was crying as the principal shouted at her. The OP called the police when the principal refused to let the niece go.

When the police arrived, the principal realized he may be in trouble and started pleading with the OP not to press charges. The OP declined since the niece’s arm had been bruised during the struggle.

During the investigation, it was found that the principal belittled the kids, always sided with the teachers, irrespective of who was wrong, and slapped the kids on several occasions. The OP sued for assault, attempted abduction, wrongful imprisonment, and bodily harm.

Eventually, the principal lost his job, got two years on probation, 500 hours of community service, and was prohibited from ever working with kids.

The OP wanted to know if he was too harsh in dealing with this situation

The Masses Weigh In

This story received a lot of attention, and many people this the principal got what he deserved.

People Should Not Abuse Their Power

Some users argued that if you abuse your power, you should face the consequences. One said, “People in power abusing it and using excuses for their {bad} behavior is something that should never be tolerated.” Another added, “That’s why I never feel bad for these people. Break the law, get in trouble. Pretty simple, really.”

The Op Saved a Lot of Students

There are users who think that OP’s actions saved many current and future students. He said, “Sounds like OP saved a lot of current and future students. Also made it known that acting that way is not appropriate.”

Another supported this by saying, “Holy {stuff}, you’re my hero! That is great news for the students of his (now former) school that they have one less toxic influence in their lives. As a Special Education teacher in the states, this really grinds my gears whenever I hear about educator misconduct, especially when it’s something severe like this. You did the right thing pressing charges on him.”

Such an Act Could Be Traumatic

Others pointed out that the OP gave his niece an important life lesson. One argued that “Honestly, this is the most important lesson here. OP taught his niece that it’s never okay to let an adult do those things to you.”

Another person noted that this could be traumatic for the niece, “What he didn’t even realize was this could seriously traumatize her long into her future. Any kind of situation being around other adults, I would be terrified.”

Congratulations on Pressing Charges

Many users congratulated the OP for pressing charges while noting that many people do not bother doing so. One said, “Good on you for actually pressing charges. Too many similar stories end with people not holding the other party accountable.”

Another added, “I’m sorry you’re niece had to go through that. However, I’m so happy that you pressed charges, I’m so sick of people who let things go because they “don’t want to cause problems.”

The Principal Acted Out of His Authority

According to one user, If the principal was convinced the student had skipped classes, he should have followed the right process, “Because he couldn’t actually identify this student, he was well outside his authority to try to take charge of a mystery-child himself. The police should have identified her, then he should have verified that she was within the boundaries of his authority, and only then could he call the parents and punish her.”

The Story Could Be Fabricated

Despite receiving overwhelming support, some people thought that the OP was fabricating the story. One said, “the setup of the story does not make sense at all. There is no way a principal would ‘abduct’ a person, child or adult, from in front of the school and hold them there because he thinks they skipped school. If someone is missing from class the teacher notifies the principals office. If it happens too many times the police will be notified and they might make a visit to the parents, issue a fine and take the child to school.”

Another added, “This story is 100% fabricated and he is a liar. He seems to have no idea how the german school system works and that a case like this would be big news in Germany. You can’t find anything about it anywhere. He is getting ripped a new one on /de at the moment and is bragging about all the Internet points he got for his story.”

One questioned some details of the OP’s story, “How did PP and your Niece even meet? Special during the last weeks of the school year the PP has tons of work to do. Most of the time, they don’t even leave their office for hours because they have to finish plenty of work. Even when they met, he would just ask another teacher to care about that child.”

What do you think of this story? How would you have reacted were you in OP’s or his niece’s shoes?


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