Woman Who Was Accused of “Not Doing Enough” To Help a Pregnant Woman Cheered



A Reddit user shared how she posted a load of girly baby items to NextDoor, offering them for free, but was chastised by a pregnant mother who expected her to drive around 50 minutes there and back to deliver them.

A Good Deed

The original poster (OP) is already a mom to a girl and has recently discovered that she is now pregnant with a boy. As a result, she was keen to pass on her unwanted girl-focused baby items. Following a discussion with her husband, the OP advertised her things on the NextDoor app for free to help someone struggling to make ends meet.

“Yes, Please!”

Not long after posting the offer on NextDoor, a woman currently expecting a girl contacted the OP saying that she would happily take everything off her hands. Unfortunately, the woman then revealed that she lived around fifty minutes away and requested that the OP drop everything off.

In response, the OP explained that everything is stored in vacuum bags that would be too heavy for either her or the woman to carry alone, given their pregnant states. The OP suggested that someone else drive to her house to help. The response to that was that her boyfriend is working, and the OP should drive instead.

The OP did not respond, instead awaiting her husband’s return home from work. Later, he explained that the area was unsafe and that he would not be willing to drive there and back.

He would not feel comfortable knowing the OP and their daughter would be traveling for nearly two hours in total, especially to an unsafe neighborhood. However, the OP’s husband would be willing to help load the car should she find a suitable way to get to their home.

The OP explained that neither she nor her husband could do as the woman had hoped. Her response was that she could not make it to theirs, but the OP should take an Uber instead.

“You’re Not Doing Enough!”

Upon the suggestion of the Uber, the OP’s husband finally showed his frustration and declared that it would be much easier to gift the items to a local shelter or donation place. The OP messaged her explaining, and her response was shocking. She told the OP that people like her need to help those who need it and that she is not doing enough.


The OP was left feeling as though her behavior had been unreasonable. However, fellow Reddit users unanimously sided with the OP, saying that she had made the right choice.

One user declared that if someone is willing to take a free item, the onus is on them to go out of their way to collect it.

Another showed concerns that the “pregnant woman” may not have been claiming the items out of need at all and that it could have been a ploy to snatch her daughter or unborn baby.

What do you think about the OP and her husband’s decision? Should they be doing more to help those in need?  

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