Is He Wrong for Offering To Help His Wife With the Dishes Because She Was Overwhelmed?



A Reddit user shares his story of offering to help his wife with the dishes because she was overwhelmed.

Hard Workers

The original poster (OP) explained that he and his wife work four days a week. He works twelve-hour shifts, and she works eight-hour shifts. His wife would work more, but she has to pick their daughter up from daycare.

OP leaves before they wake up and sometimes doesn’t come home after their daughter goes to bed.

Recently, their daughter’s daycare provider was ill, so OP’s wife took the week off of work to take care of their daughter. OP worked an extra day to make up for the lost income, and he thought it was all working out fine.

Stressed Out

OP’s wife seemed stressed out, so OP asked what was wrong. She said she struggles to balance work, caring for their daughter, and keeping the house clean. O

P said that he wanted to help but that they could not afford him to take time off of work or reduce his hours. She said she understands but is overwhelmed, and the chores are piling up.

OP told her that 90% of the problems around the house could be fixed if she cleaned up after herself, like putting used silverware in the sink and rinsing the cookware when she’s done using it.

OP said he would happily do the dishes when he got home from work and would put them away afterward, but that he would not go looking around the house for things that needed cleaning.

OP’s wife said a quiet “okay” before going to take care of their daughter, who had woken up early from her nap. She seemed upset still, so OP told his coworker what happened, and his coworker said he was the jerk in the situation because he didn’t even listen to what his wife wanted. OP, however, thinks he was being perfectly reasonable.

Was OP reasonable or too harsh? Did he listen to what his wife wanted from him? How would you have reacted in this situation?

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Originally posted 2023-04-05 11:15:18.