Woman Who Refused To Pay For Early Check In at Airbnb She Rented With Friends Applauded, “Nickle and Diming You”



A Reddit user posted a story about how she refused to pay extra at an Airbnb for arriving earlier than the normal time because her friends had already checked in.

The OP has two friends, Amy and Jack, who have been together since they were 16 years old. They have been talking about having a weekend getaway for a long time, and for the first time, they planned to go away with their partners.

Amy and Jack decided to extend the stay from Wednesday to Sunday instead of Friday to Sunday. The OP and her partner could not get enough annual leave and agreed to join the others from Friday to Sunday. They were to pay for the two nights they would spend there.

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Now, here’s the problem. The Airbnb’s check-in time is 4 pm, and check-out time is 10 am. The OP and her partner work on their laptops.

They suggested that they arrive at 9 am on Friday to enjoy the WiFi and avoid the rush hour traffic. They had booked into a 3-bedroom house that cost 320 euros a night. The amount was to be divided among the six occupants inside.

Amy had initially agreed with OP’s suggestion of checking in earlier. When Jack was consulted, he asked if the OP and her partner were willing to pay for the extra hours they would be there because, technically, Jack and Amy had already paid for them. They asked the OP and her partner to contribute 70 euros towards this.

The OP thought the price was too stiff and exorbitant, and she did not think it was fair for her friends to ask them to pay.

She argued that checking in early would have given them more time to enjoy each other’s company, and if she were the one in their shoes, she would have never asked them to pay.

The other friends argued that the OP and her partner avoided paying for Thursday by coming in early Friday morning and taking advantage of them by not contributing to the extra hours they would be inside the house.

The Masses Weigh In

Other Reddit users weighed in on the topic, most siding with the OP.

Find Alternatives To Get WiFi

Some advised the OP and her partner to look for alternative ways to get WiFi and avoid conflicts with Amy and Jake.

One said, “If it’s that big a deal, don’t go inside the AirBNB until 4pm. WiFi is everywhere. Use your phones Hotspot if you have to. Bring lawn chairs and a folding table and setup in a park until 4pm. I wouldn’t make a big deal about it, just say something came up and you will be there at 4pm. Not a hill to die on.”

Another urged her not to make a big deal out of the situation, saying, “Easiest solution is to not make a big deal about and tell them nevermind you will be there at 4pm checking time, then just head somewhere with internet and spend the day chilling and working with your partner.” 

True Friends? Really?

Several people pointed out that true friends do not treat their friends that way. One said, “Seriously, it seems like these people don’t even like OP! I could maybe understand the nickel and diming if they were acquaintances or colleagues splitting an AirBnB for some reason but these people are supposed to be OP’s friends. You don’t nickel and dime friends.” 

“Also, it’s so weird to me that they’re even asking you to pay. Really puts a damping on the mood. I would just hangout at a library until 4. Isn’t the whole point of the trip to spend time with friends, and you’re trying to optimize that? To me it seems like someones partner is being cheap,” added another.

Some urged the OP to reconsider the people she called friends. One said, “I would evaluate the relationship and see where everyone is standing because this seems more like acquaintance than friends to me!!”

Your Friends Are Being Petty

According to other Reddit users, the OP’s friends were being petty because they already knew of OP’s plans. One said, “They ORIGINALLY booked the vacation under everyone’s time schedule and then THEY changed it knowing you can’t. You found a way to spend a few more hours with them and they want you to PAY for a few more hours instead of being happy that they have that time.”

“I would NEVER have even thought of something this petty when it comes to just wanting to spend time with friends and family as long has they don’t have a history of making me feel taken advantage of,” added another person.

Assume That No One Was There Early

There are those who believe that the OP should have paid the amount they asked because she would have done so if she had found no one at the Airbnb.

One argued, “If no one was there before you you would have to wait or pay to go early. I’ll go against the grain and say you should pay a little. They had to pay much more. I get that they wanted to go longer than you but, you also told them that you couldn’t go any sooner now at the last minute you want to change plans.”

Another agreed saying, “You should pay for your time spent in the Airbnb and work elsewhere if you cannot afford to. They aren’t asking you to cover any of the time you are not in the Airbnb which seems fair.”

What do you think of this situation? Is the OP justified in refusing to pay the extra amount asked because they arrived early? Are the friends justified in asking for payment from the OP for the extra hours they were to use before check-in?



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