Woman STORMS Out of Her Baby Shower After Telling off Her DELUSIONAL In-Laws: Who Is To Blame for the Situation?



Her in-laws were totally delusional, and she just lost it!

A woman, 27 years old, was expecting her first child with her husband. This child was the first grandchild in the husband’s family. Now, we all know the excitement and adoration that comes with the first grandchild’s arrival.

Unfortunately, it was not all jolly for this woman as her husband’s family couldn’t just accept the gender of the child.

Boy, It Has a To Be a Boy

The OP’s father-in-law had died of cancer, and the family agreed that if the first grandchild were a boy, he would be named after him to keep his memory alive.

Lucky for them, the OP agreed. She was even considerate enough to attend to their prayers and rituals she did not believe in to keep the peace.

The gender appointment came, and the unborn child was a girl.

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After finding out the results, the OP’s husband cried in the car! He also switched off his phone to keep the news from his family.

I can only imagine how painful the OP felt; from this point, it was clear that her baby girl was unwanted.

When the husband finally broke the news to his family, they could not hide their disappointment and frustration. It was a painful experience for the OP because any child, despite their gender, needs to be celebrated.

The family went ahead and ghosted the OP for days before finally deciding to start coming around. You would think they would be well-behaved this time around, but you got it wrong.

These people started claiming the results were false and decided to pretend that the child was a boy!

The OP fought for the identity of her child, and guess what? Her husband was not on her side; he saw nothing wrong with his delusional family.

Baby Shower but With a Twist

Later, the OP’s sister-in-law called her, apologized, and told her she had organized a baby shower for her. The OP was happy about this, but she was in for a rude shock.

When she arrived at the party, she could only see blue balloons and a blue cake with her father-in-law’s name on it.

That is disrespect of the highest order.

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When confronted, the sister-in-law had the guts to say they had that set-up because they all hoped the results were false and were still hoping for a baby boy.

What’s even more exasperating is that the husband agreed with his sister.

OP lost her temper and decided to stand up for herself and her unborn daughter.

She told them off and asked them to stop treating her unborn daughter like she was unwanted.

Funny enough, the mother-in-law broke down and started crying as if she was the victim.

The OP took her bag and walked out amid yelling.

“You Are the Victim, but I Still Need You to Apologize…”

As she walked out, her husband followed her and told her off for arguing with his family and downgrading his father’s memory. The OP tried to open her husband’s eyes, all in vain.

All the husband said is the OP should play along in hoping the child is a boy. She turned this down and asked her husband to drive her to their house, which he refused.

She ordered an Uber and left.

She got home to 15 calls from her husband and a text saying he won’t be coming home until she apologized.

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The Masses Weigh In

One comment said: “So…. you already know how your daughter will be treated in this family. Time to take a nice hard look at how your life will be between now and when you die and what your daughter’s life will be like and make some hard decisions. NTA”

I cannot agree enough with this comment. This unborn child is unwanted in that family. The OP has to think clearly because she does not want her daughter to grow up in such an environment.

Another top comment went, “Sounds like the husband already half solved the problem by not coming home. He can stay at mommy’s house until he comes to his senses or forever. If he’s ready to stand up for his own family and not his parents, maybe there’s hope.” He needs to man up and stand up for his child and wife.

The OP was spot-on for standing her ground, but she also needs to do better with boundary setting, as one of the comments stated, “NTA. But let’s be clear. It is evident you are very good at ignoring red flags. They told you what to name your kid, and you were fine with it. They made you practice all sorts of rituals, and you just went along? Girl, you need to set your boundaries.”

What steps does the OP need to take to protect her unborn child? Is she to blame for how everything turned out?

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