Woman Spills the Beans on Her Friend’s Affair to Friend’s Boyfriend: “The Cat Is Out of the Bag”


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Paternity fraud in a relationship doesn’t just show that the woman has cheated on her partner. It also indicates that she would rather lie and deceive than tell the truth. Imagine a father finding out that his child isn’t his. That would cause him immense pain.

OP’s friend Amy is pregnant but has no idea who the father of her child is. No, it’s not because her eyes were closed when the child was conceived, but because Amy was cheating on her boyfriend.

The Pregnancy Test

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We’ll call OP Emilia.

Emilia was home when Amy called to ask if she had an extra pregnancy test. She also found out that she was pregnant, so it wasn’t weird that Amy would expect her to have a pregnancy test at home.

A few minutes after the call, Amy was checking if she was pregnant in her bathroom. Emilia got worried when she heard her crying in her bathroom. She wanted to find out what was happening with Amy, and she found out the result was positive. But she didn’t. It was enough reason for the hysterics.

Emilia probed some more to understand what was happening, but Amy left quickly. She was convinced that something was up with Amy.

The Secret

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The day after the outburst, Amy invited Emilia and told her what was happening. Amy was in a five-year relationship with her boyfriend but was cheating on him.

She now had no idea who fathered the baby she was carrying. The crazy part was when Emilia asked her what her plan was, and she replied that she wouldn’t tell her boyfriend because she was “pretty sure” her boyfriend was the child’s father.

Say what now? Amy had been cheating on her boyfriend and didn’t have the decency to be safe. Emilia didn’t support this; she told her that she had to be honest with her boyfriend and the other guy.

Amy didn’t like this idea, but in the end, the decision was that Amy would handle the issue her way while Emilia kept her mouth shut.

The Cat Escapes the Bag

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Emilia kept Amy’s secret, but it became more challenging when Amy told her boyfriend about the pregnancy, and he went into full father-to-be mode. In Emilia’s words, “the whole nine yards.”

She started to feel guilty about the paternity fraud. Amy’s boyfriend was her friend also, and she wasn’t comfortable with Amy deceiving him. It must have been tough for her to make a decision, but, well, she did what she thought was right.

Emilia, trying to be a good friend, told Amy’s boyfriend everything. That must’ve been hard for her, snitching on one friend to save another.

Of course, as you would imagine, the result of this was one with a tragic end. Amy, her family, and other friends think Emilia is the villain. Also, Amy’s parents knew about this and didn’t think their daughter was wrong.

Anyways, now Emilia wants to know if she was wrong telling Amy’s boyfriend, who is also her friend.

Amy Is Evil

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Everyone is on Emilia’s side. They think she did the right thing getting Amy’s boyfriend out of that web. Amy was only trying to avoid facing the consequences of her actions.

Someone says that Amy was playing a “dangerous game”:

“NTA. You absolutely did the right thing. Amy needs to take responsibility for her actions…Amy was playing a dangerous game. This was going to blow up in her face at some point; it’s better it happens now than when the kid is 18.”

Pretty Mad

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Another doesn’t mince words and sounds pretty mad at Amy:

“So these people are all cool with lying, cheating, and deception? On top of that, putting the boyfriend’s health in potential jeopardy because his cheating girlfriend wasn’t using protection? Those people can go  right off into traffic.”

Amy got precisely what she had come for her. How long could she keep up with the lie? Emilia did what she felt was best in that very uncomfortable situation and chose the option that didn’t make her feel like a cruel person.

Originally posted 2023-11-01 14:30:50.