Woman Resents Daughter Who Got Pregnant at 15, Wants To Leave All Her Money to Charity


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This woman is 58 years old with stage 4 cancer and, with about a year left, has decided to take one last vacation and give the rest of her $2M inheritance to charity.

Her husband, Bill, is in good health but financially secure, and they have both agreed that he does not need the money. They have a daughter, Amity, who is 29 and has three children, and a son, Caleb, who is 24.

Bill believes Amity should receive half of the inheritance as she could use the money, which would still leave a million for charity.

However, she does not want to give the money to Amity as they had already provided childcare for her son for seven years and paid for her college education. She feels Amity has already received her payout while her mother is alive and well. She also seems to hold some resentment toward her daughter for getting pregnant at 15.

Amity Finds Out She Gets Nothing

Bill had already informed Amity that she would be receiving half of the inheritance, so he had to inform her that neither she nor her brother would be receiving any money from the will. This caused a rift in the family, with Amity furious that she was not being helped financially despite her current financial struggles and living in a trailer.

Bill understands his wife’s reasoning but believes that she should at least help Amity out. However, she feels she has already helped her daughter and is unsure if she is wrong for not including her in the will. It should be noted that Bill will leave everything to their children and grandchildren when he passes away.

“You Are Wrong”

Redditors think she is the jerk through and through for being a bad parent and an unforgiving one.

One user commented, “OP is a jerk for their thought process and obviously resents her daughter, which as a mother, I can’t even understand. I would absolutely help my daughter and grandchildren.”

Another said in the middle of a long comment they made, “So why are you the jerk? The kids. And the spite. If you truly have wealth that is substantial, your husband is independently rich, and your grandkids are living in a disadvantaged situation, it makes a lot more sense to try to help them out now.

The situation they are in at present will set up the rest of their lives. Maybe you don’t need to give a ton of money to their mother, but you could set up a situation like a better house that’s paid off or an address that takes care of the children’s needs and only the children’s needs. It seems like you are so bent on punishing their mother for something that their well-being isn’t at the front of your mind, which is frankly very weird & feels jerkish for no reason.”

Another argued, “Even if we agree to suspend our belief a bit and choose to believe it was nothing to do with OP’s parenting, her daughter was 15 and made a mistake, which still shouldn’t be held against her forever by her dying parent who at least got to have and know grandchildren.

But also, how is OP not the jerk when she could choose to significantly improve the life of her child, who – as far as we know – hasn’t done anything particularly wrong and does have a relationship with her, but OP just doesn’t want to.”

What do you think about OP’s decisions? After all, she’s doing a noble thing by giving it to charity. Is it enough to excuse her spite for her daughter?

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Originally posted 2023-08-21 15:04:13.