Woman Applauded for Leaving Coworker’s Name off a Get-Well Card; Don’t Pretend To Contribute



A Reddit user shared a story about how one person in their company refused to contribute but still pretended to have done so and got mad when she wasn’t recognized.

According to the OP, one of the manager’s at the workplace was ill. Since he was well-known and well-liked, his colleagues decided to contribute money to buy him a ‘get-well-soon’ gift. The OP was tasked with organizing this process.

The OP emailed all her colleagues and put a note on the board detailing how the contribution will be collected in the next big meeting since the manager’s birthday was a month away. Many people donated money right away and wrote their names so that the OP could get a card for them to sign afterward.

One of the colleagues (Linda) said she would contribute later when she had cash. Everyone knew that Linda had a lot of money, but the OP did not force her to contribute.

OP sent two emails later before she bought the gift so that people who contributed could share suggestions on what to buy.

Linda sends in her suggestions, and the OP hesitantly notes them down, adds them to the list, and sends it to everyone.

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Once the people voted, the OP buys the gift and a card. She passes the card around for people to sign. Linda adds her name and a long message.

When the OP notices that, she buys a new card and passes it along to the people who contributed – without Linda’s knowledge.

The card and gift are presented to the manager the first day he comes back to work. When Linda realizes what the OP has done, she threatens to file an official complaint, but someone dissuades her.

The OP wanted to know if she did wrong by getting rid of the card with Linda’s name on it, considering that she never contributed but still wanted recognition.

OP Should Have Called Linda Out Early

Some users think that the OP gave Linda too much leeway. One stated, “Shoulda called her out the second she started suggesting what gift to get…”

“I’d be willing to bet that there are other petty things that Linda has done, but people didn’t really think about it, until now,” said another user.

Petty, Yet Very Deserved

Others agree that OP’s actions were petty but well deserved. One says, “I think it’s so sweet and amazing that you were able to put all that together and kudos to you for making sure only those who actually helped out got to sign!”

“Love it! Definitely petty, but very deserved and well executed! Hope your co-worker is doing well and “Linda” has learned a lesson (people like this usually don’t, but it’s nice to think they might),” added another.

Another thought that the OP was acting too entitled, which meant that she must have been acting similarly in other areas of her life, “Unfortunately people who are so entitled like that are probably entitled in other aspects of their work and home life. I feel sorry for her family.”

Most People Would Have Done the Same Thing

Several users agree that most people would have done the same thing. One says, “i think most people would have done the same thing. ain’t no way you’re gonna stamp your name on anyone else’s contribution and work and you did NOTHING.”

Another person agrees, “I’m glad you stayed on top of this. I have been involved in collections for people at work and I have seen the people who want to act like they gave, but didn’t even give a dollar.”

Someone argues that the OP should have asked Linda for her contribution the moment she started to offer her suggestions, or ask her to leave the meeting. She said, “I would have asked Linda to leave before starting the meeting. Or wait, point out she had not contributed, and asked for money or departure.”


Do you think the OP’s actions were petty or do you think what they did to Linda was justified? Could the OP have avoided drama by asking Linda to contribute privately?



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