Internet Applauds Woman After She Tricks Her In-laws Into Eating Her Cake Pops Instead of Her Sister-in-Law’s



A woman posted in AITA narrating how she tricked her in-laws into trying her food after they turned it down so many times.

Are They Kay’s?

The original poster (OP) got married to a family of bakers. And, she, too, is a baker. You would think this would be an excellent opportunity to learn from each other and try each other’s recipes. However, tt was the opposite. They ended up having an unhealthy competition, making the OP feel like an outcast.

OP’s brother-in-law has a wife called Kay, who is known for her cake pops and cupcakes in the family. When OP first met the family, she first learned how Kay was the cupcake and cake pops guru. Everybody would not stop talking about it.

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Whenever OP brought cake treats to the family events, nobody touched them because “they were not Kay’s.”

OP clarified that Kay was mainly a baker while she specialized in professionally decorating cakes. However, Kay dismissed OP’s cakes saying that overly decorated cakes were only meant to compensate for the bad taste. The whole family, including Pete (OP’s husband), agreed that well-decorated cakes were not good when it came to taste.

A Perfectly Executed Trick?

So the family was to have a BBQ party for Memorial Day, and everyone was to bring their treats. Kay made her cake pops and posted them on her Instagram the night before.

OP jumped on the opportunity and made the same treats as Kay’s—same design, same flavor.

When they got to the event, everybody asked for OP’s treat, and she told them they were still in the car and that she would get them in a few minutes.

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So OP waited for when everybody was out, and she dashed to the car, grabbed her cake pops, and strategically set them next to Kay’s.

When it was dessert time, OP noticed that people were eating her treats, not Kay’s. When Kay asked about the treats people ate, they said they were okay. Some even said those were the best cake pops they have ever eaten. She even received questions wanting to know what she did differently.

OP’s mother-in-law even said those cake pops looked much better in person than in pictures; little did she know OP brought those.

Confused, Kay told the people her treats were still on the table, intact. This is when OP stood and said the treats people ate were hers, and she was glad they enjoyed them.

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This was when Kay’s husband said he had not had any cake pop yet, yet OP had spotted him eating two.

Kay was mad and did not say anything for the rest of the night.

Later, Kay’s husband said OP’s move was mean and insisted OP only did that because Kay was a better baker. Luckily, Pete maintained that it was ridiculous how much the family puts down OP’s baking even without trying it.

Was OP wrong for pulling this trick?

Redditors Weigh In

One Redditor said, “NTA, but Pete’s family is full of AHs.”

Replying to the above comment, another said, “Right? They try to make sure OP always feels like an outsider and inferior. They even tell her they won’t taste her cakes because they were not Kay’s. What the hell? I would have either stopped bringing food or would buy the cheapest thing available in the supermarket.”

A section of Redditors disagreed with what OP did. For instance, one said, “What you did was petty. I don’t blame you for being pissed at them, but it was still petty as hell. Therefore, I give you a soft YTA and a high five for making them look dumb.”

Was OP wrong for pulling out this trick? Were her actions worth it?

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