Her In-Laws Want Her and Her Husband to SHARE A ROOM With Them on Vacation



A Reddit user shared a story about how her in-laws forced her and her husband to sleep in the same room whenever they visited town to save money.

Op’s Home Is Just 10 Minutes Away

The OP is concerned that whenever her in-laws visit, they book into a hotel and insist that the OP and her husband sleep inside the same room. The OP and her husband live in a different city. The in-laws visit and book into a hotel, although the OP’s home is only 10 minute’s drive away.

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Sometime back, they all traveled to a different city and ended up staying in the same room with only one bed. The OP insisted they book into another room, and they did. The In-laws scolded them, saying they were wasting money.

The in-laws used to sleep in the same room with their son when they traveled, but now he is married. The OP never shared a room with her parents or a bed. She believes that the in-laws should set boundaries.

As an introvert, she values her privacy and feels spending time with her in-laws in the same room is weird.

The OP wants to know if her feelings are justified.

The Masses Weigh In

Many Reddit users sided with the OP, noting that they would also be uncomfortable in her situation.

Same Room? Sure. Same Bed? That’s a Stretch

Some agreed that they would sleep in the same room but not on the same bed with their in-laws. One said, “Personally I’m used to living in pretty close quarters and I wouldn’t blink at sharing a hotel room with my in-laws to save some cash… but the same bed??? I guess if we were all fleeing a natural disaster and got the very last hotel room and there was no couch, then maybe…”

“Sharing one room with two beds wouldn’t be unreasonable. Sharing one bed is weird,” said another.

Why Wouldn’t the OP Sleep in Her Own Bed, 10 Minutes’ Drive Away?

If the in-laws were concerned about saving money, they should have let the OP and her partner sleep at their house, just a few minutes drive from the hotel.

“The OP lives 10 minutes from the hotel with two beds. She can sleep in her own bed at home- no reason for her to be in the other hotel bed,” said one user.

Another user added, “They are trying to save money? So why do they insist you sleep with them in the same room? It is much cheaper to sleep at home.”

“Expecting you to sleep with them in a hotel room when your house is ten minutes away is beyond ludicrous. That the idea wasn’t just laughed away immediately seems very strange to me,” quipped another person.

Unless It Was an Emergency…

Some users argued that they can only tolerate being in such a situation if it was an emergency. One person said, “Barring an emergency situation, there is no reason for an entire family to be sleeping in the same bed.”

This Is a Weird Situation

Others put it bluntly with one saying, “It’s SO weird to sleep in the same room with your parents in law. I’m surprised you gave in to them during the first time. The 2nd part where it’s sharing a bed?! Utterly inconceivable!!!”

“This seems super weird, especially since you have your own house 10 minutes away. Seems like if they were worried about wasting money, a good solution would’ve been to let you stay at your house,” someone said.

Speak Out if You Are Uncomfortable

One user urged the OP to speak out frankly if she felt uncomfortable, “Flat-out tell them that you WILL NOT sleep in a room with another couple. It’s uncomfortable for you, and you don’t care whose parents they are; you don’t swing that way. Tell them it’s not about money, and if they need the money so badly, they shouldn’t travel. Then tell your husband that if he insists on staying in this couple’s room, and their bed – whether or not they’re his parents – then who’s to say he won’t sleep in the next couple’s bed, if you travel with friends? If they think you’re taking it all wrong and being disgusting, tell them all to hold onto that feeling, because that’s how you feel right now: Creeped out, disgusted, and supremely uncomfortable.”

Figure Out a Compromise- For Culture’s Sake

Others noted that cultures are different, and the OP should find a compromise here to save the In-law’s culture and keep her sanity intact. One said, “I think this is a matter of cultural difference, but you should not be forced to share a bed with someone if it makes you uncomfortable. Encourage your husband to speak up for you.

“This is a cultural thing. Your in-laws are insisting on practices that make you uncomfortable for their comfort. Forcing one group to do the other group’s thing is wrong. So you’ve gotta figure out a compromise that can work for everyone,” added another user.

As an Introvert, Personal Space Is Important

“Wanting your own space is completely understandable and it’s okay to want privacy. I absolutely would not want to share a room with my parents on my own, much less a bed, said one person after noting that the OP was an introvert,” said one user.


Is the OP justified in feeling weird and uncomfortable for being asked to share the same room (and bed) with her in-laws? Would such a situation make you uncomfortable if you were in OP’s shoes? How would you have reacted?



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