Husband Books First Class for Himself and Economy Class for His Wife, “I PAID FOR YOUR TICKET! ISN’T THAT ENOUGH?”



A woman in the famous “Am I the ***hole” group wanted to know whether she was on the right for turning down a trip, her husband had organized and paid for.

Reading the whole post, you are left wondering, is she the “other person” in this whole situation?

Would the husband rather appease the friend he seems to cherish way more than his wife?

Why is he not ready to compromise his “friendship” to bring his wife on board?

Third-Wheel In Her Own Marriage?

So, the husband of the OP (original poster) has been going on yearly trips with his friend. The OP, a stay-at-home mom (SAHM), always stayed behind and cared for the kids while the husband traveled with his friend. She says she never took offense because the two traveled to attend sporting events.

Will You Come To Our Trip This Year, Dear Wife?

So, this year, the husband and the friend chose to go to a new destination. They, therefore, decide to allow the wife (OP) to tag along.

The wife, a SAHM, was excited as the husband had paid for her entire trip. She even arranged to have the kids stay behind at her mother’s house.

Everything seemed to work well until when the wife found out she had been booked a seat in the economy class, while the husband and the friend got seats in the 1st class.

As expected, she confronted her husband, who went off on her.


He told her to stop acting like “royalty,” the economy class was good enough for her because she was not working anyway.

Anyone would think a husband that can pay first class for his “friend” would have no problem doing the same for the wife, who stays at home taking care of their kids.

From this, the wife decided not to go altogether. She went back to her mother’s and picked up her kids.

The husband went ahead and gaslit her in the name of apologizing, but that was not the end of the violation.

No Boundaries?

What put me off the most is how much this husband has not set any boundaries and how much he let his friend disrespect his wife.

This friend texted the OP and called her entitled. He said he had convinced OP’s husband not to let her tag along because of her “entitlement,” and the OP had just proved a point.

The good thing is the OP decided to block her husband’s friend.

Sadly, this man does not stand up for his wife against his friend.

If you look at how the husband handles things, you will not fail to see how much he has mastered the art of gaslighting.

In his “apology,” he told the wife, “You keep crying about being excluded, and this is what happens when I finally decide to include you.” He is trying to make it seem like it is the wife’s fault that she is being sidelined in her marriage.

Redditors Say

Looking at what Redditors had to say, the comment with the most upvotes said, “If you’re a SAHM, then all the money he earns is SHARED FUNDS. There is no “him” paying; you paid for his first-class ticket as much as he paid for your economy ticket. The level of disrespect here is astounding.”

The OP notes that her husband can afford to get them all first-class tickets, but he still chose to have the wife in economy. They could have traveled economy if he was not capable; nobody would have been hurt.

Another top comment said: “Is your husband having an affair with his friend? Why is his friend so rude to you, and why is the friend being treated like the spouse in this situation?? Whether or not he’s having an affair, he’s shown you how he feels about you. NTA.”

One thing for sure is that it feels terrible to be left out of your own marriage. This woman was strong enough to walk out of the airport, and many Redditors have advised her to gather the same strength and walk out of that marriage.

What do you think? Was she in the right to opt out of that trip? Could the hubby and the friend be more than “friends”? Is divorce something she should consider?

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