Can They Stop Their Mother From Selling Her Home To Pay For Her Care Because They Want an Inheritance?



A Reddit user shared a story about how their mother was selling her house with intention of disinheriting them.

The OP has two more siblings, aged 43 and 41. The OP’s mother is 70. The three siblings recently learned that their mother was trying to sell the family house.

The house has been in the family for 40 years. The mother fully owns the house after clearing the mortgage. Their father passed on a few years back, and his 50% share of the house was automatically transferred to the mother.

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The mother wants to sell the house to relocate into a smaller dwelling. She says the house is too large now that she is a widow. She plans on saving the proceeds from the sale for her care needs in the future.

The siblings were concerned about the house being sold to a stranger as it had sentimental value, and they decided to pool their resources and purchase the house from her. They offered a slightly reduced offer with a plan to rent the house out and give the mother the proceedings until the full value was met.

The mother declined the offer and said she wanted full value as the house was already paid for. The siblings cannot raise the full amount being asked.

They also feel that the house should be their inheritance and remain in the family. They feel it is unfair for the mother to sell the house and leave them with nothing.

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The mother says that if they keep pressuring her, she will cut them off her will. The OP wants to know if they have any legal avenues to pursue that would stop her from selling the house.

The Masses Weigh In

Reddit users unanimously sided with the mother, with many pointing out that inheritance was not guaranteed and she could do whatever she wanted with her property.

It’s Her Property

“That’s what she is perfectly entitled to do as it is her asset to dispose of as she pleases.

If she does need care, the LA will take the cost of the care out of the house anyway (google deprivation of assets) so it will likely need to be sold for that,” said one.

Another added, “it’s her property to do what she wants. You are not entitled to the property. If you want it, you buy it off her at the market value.”

The Kids Are Acting Entitled and Selfish

Many users pointed out that the OP and her siblings are an entitled lot.

One said, “OK… why do you feel entitled to money you didn’t earn?” Another person added, “You’re either on a wind up or see your mum as nothing more than a cash cow for you and your siblings.”

One offered the kids solid advice saying, “And stop being so entitled and don’t kill your relationship with your mum out of greed of expecting something your parents worked for to be given to you for nothing.”

“Inheritance is only that once the owner has died, until then it is still their property. Why are you looking at your own mothers property as if it were your own? Very spoilt and selfish sounding,” another user quipped.

One person argued that the kids were using the mother as a cash dispenser, “So….a cash dispenser then. She’s right, you want her to do what’s best for you – that’s selfishness. She wants to do what’s best for her, that’s her right.”

The Mother Is Looking Out for Herself

According to some users, the mother is planning ahead, and she plans on not being a burden to anyone. “I mean she’s explicitly said she wants to keep the money to go towards future care costs, and you’re interpreting that as “she wants to blow the lot.” You’d rather she went into a ropey care home while you and your siblings sit on a property she paid for? If she doesn’t need care, why wouldn’t there eventually be some money left for you all to inherit?” said one.

Another added, “I think your Mother is being practical here – a house that is far too big for her needs will rack up more in bills and maintenance. I completely understand why she wants to sell the house and not get into any other arrangements.”

The Kids Have No Legal Standing Here

Many users argued that since the house belonged to the mother, the kids had no legal right to contest the sale.

“Go team mom!

You have no legal standing whatsover and no rights to any “inheritance” because (this is very important) your mother is alive,” said one user.

Another added, “You and your siblings have no leg to stand on and really shouldn’t be willing to ruin the last years of your relationship with your mother over your inheritance. You all sound incredibly entitled and if I were her I would be writing you all out of the will. You have no legal rights to someone else’s property or say in what they do with it.”

The Sentiment Is Appreciated but Misplaced

Another person said that the kids were right in being sentimental and wanting to keep the house but if they could not afford the asking price, they should let the mother sell it, “I understand the sentiment side of wanting to keep your childhood home in the family, and in that case rather than buy the property between all the siblings, one of yous should (if possible) pay the asking price and live in it as your primary home, otherwise you will have to sell or rent it out to strangers anyway.”


Do you think the kids are entitled to prevent their mother from selling her own house?



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