Anatomy Lessons on the Move: Student’s Unconventional Study Approach on Train Leads to Roommate’s Accusations of Being ‘Selfish”


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The original poster is a 21-year-old veterinary medicine student. She posted on the AITA subreddit wanting to know whether she was in the wrong for studying anatomy on her daily train commutes, which are always busy.

Now, OP spends a lot of time on her daily commute to school. The train ride is about one hour one way. This means she spends two hours daily on her way to and from college.

So, she has been looking for ways to pass the two hours productively. Since some exams are coming up soon, she decided to use the commute time to study her notes.

All was working well for her until she mentioned to her flatmate, Kate, who is not her coursemate, how studying on the train has made her less stressed about her upcoming exams.

Kate looked stunned and asked OP whether she had been studying “stuff with horrible pictures” on a public train.

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So Selfish of You

Kate said it was so selfish of OP to study such images on her train. She said such images could make people seated next to OP and those behind her uncomfortable and sick.

OP explained that people looking at her laptop screen was not her fault and she had nothing to do with it.

Kate insisted that people could get sick and uncomfortable by just catching a glimpse of the disturbing images; they do not have to be following it through.

OP adds that her roommate Kate is pretty squeamish about biology, so she generally does not talk about her vet medicine course to her.

She further clarifies that she understands that people have different tolerance levels for such things. She is, therefore, considering stopping her studying on the train altogether.

Should she stop studying animal anatomy on the train?

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Redditors Weigh In

One commenter said, “NTA(not the ***hole). Don’t want to see what other people are reading/studying, don’t look.”

Another added, “NTA. Students study in public transport. You have a long commute. You should not be disadvantaged because you’re studying anatomy and your flatmate is squeamish. You’re right that nobody should be looking at your screen, but if it happens and they see something that makes them ill, then that’s what they deserve for being nosey. I’m sure plenty of people watch violent films on their phones, with no regard to who else might see, and that’s just for their entertainment.”

Another said, “NTA. That’s 2 hours of extra studying time you get. Also, people on the train don’t really care what someone else is doing as long as you are not actively making a scene. Your friend needs to chill; not everything is that deep.”

Another jumped in, explaining how he has handled such before, “I was on an eight-hour flight while the guy sitting next to me worked on a presentation for some oral reconstructive surgery conference he was going to. Medical imagery grosses me out. Do you know what I did? I didn’t stare at his screen! It’s not hard.”

And lastly, “NTA. You’ve got to study when you can. That’s a massive chunk of time not to use. Maybe keep a piece of paper handy to cover graphic things if a kid sits nearby, but it’s not like it’s porn. A lot of people would find it interesting.Besides, who is she to say what is appropriate? Can you study evolution, or will it upset the religious folks? Can you have a recipe book for beef for culinary something, or would that upset a vegan next to you? Kwim? It’s a valid and necessary subject to study. Tell the roommate to get a grip.”


Should OP care about other squeamish people that may be on the train?

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