Her Jerk Boss INSISTS She Come Into Work Where She Handles Food Even Though She Has a CONTAGIOUS Infection


Stressed Waiter Coming Out Of The Kitchen

So, the original poster (OP) works in a fast-food restaurant. She has had a sore throat and a horrible cough for a few days. She went to the ER, where she was told she had a bad case of strep.

She told her boss, whose reply was, “I worked for two weeks straight with bronchitis, you can work,”

Now, we all know how highly contagious strep can be. This woman works in fast food and can quickly transmit the bacteria to the customers and the other staff.

On top of this being a highly contagious bacteria, OP says she has been unable to take food down and is even throwing up water.

The thing is, she says she cannot afford to lose her job. She is, therefore, afraid of going against what her manager wants. What should she do?

She adds that her boss made it clear that she will get a permanent replacement if OP does not show up at work.

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What Should She Do?

Many Redditors came to the comment section advising OP what steps she should take to bring her boss to book, take care of herself, and also the wellbeing of the public.

One straight-up said, “Tell your local health department that your boss is trying to kill customers.” 

Although point-blank, that is exactly what the boss is trying to do. The boss seems not to see the danger she IS putting the fast food customers in. Any worker with strep throat should be allowed to seek medication and stay at home until the doctors clear them to report back to work.

Another comment said, “DO NOT GO TO WORK! Your boss, who claims she had bronchitis, did not have a potentially fatal strep infection. She’s a jerk & I wish I could tell her. Strep is serious stuff & can land you in the hospital if you don’t take care of it.” If unattended, strep can quickly turn fatal; the OP needs to keep off work and ensure the infection is treated.

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Another Redditor added, “Strep is f**** serious shit, Do not go to work; if your boss isn’t the owner, I will go over their head unless they want to get the entire f**** staff sick, plus who the f*ck knows how many customers. I get you might not be able to afford it, possibly losing your job, but your boss is a dunce, “mah bRoNcHiTiS” Isn’t a f**** serious assessment of what strep is.”

And lastly, “I hope you feel better soon. As a member of the public, please stay home until a medical professional clears you to go back. You can even ask a pharmacist what they would recommend depending on what medication they have you on.”


What should OP do? Should she take the big step and report the boss to higher authorities? 

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