She Walked Out of the Restaurant After She Was Asked To Pay For Everyone’s Dinner



A Reddit user wanted to know whether she was in the wrong for silently walking off the restaurant after her in-laws expected her to pay for everybody’s bill when they went out to dinner.

Just Pay; You Have the Money!

So, the original poster (OP), a 32-year-old woman, inherited a huge sum of money from her mother. Since she had not yet decided what to do with the money, she kept it all in a different account.

Now, OP’s husband has been bringing up many suggestions on how OP should use the money. But that is not it; he now expects OP to pay for most of their bills.

During New Year’s Eve, OP, her husband, and her husband’s family went to a restaurant to celebrate. They were having a good time until OP discovered she was supposed to pay for everyone’s meals. Her mother-in-law jokingly said she should pay for dinner from her “inheritance pocket.”

Infuriated, OP silently stood, paid only for her food and drinks, and walked out.

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Are You Revenging?

As she walked out, her in-laws shouted after her, and her husband even tried to get her back to the restaurant. She declined and drove back to their home.

The end of the chaos? Of course not. OP’s husband came back to their home at 3 am, yelling and calling OP pathetic for walking out on people that relied on her to pay for their food and drinks. He talked about how much OP humiliated them and how ungracious she was for turning them down.

OP’s mother had been sick, and her husband’s family could not help. Now the husband claims OP was attempting revenge because they could not step in when OP’s mother was ill.

Would it have hurt for OP to pay for their dinner? Could she have just turned them down instead of walking out?

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Redditors Weigh In

One comment that had Redditors talking said, “So let me get this straight. Your mother died after an illness, and the thing your in-laws take from this is ‘great, now she can pay for everything.’ Yeah, NTA”

Another that earned many upvotes and awards said, “NTA, Lock that money far away from your greedy husband and in-laws. They have no rights to your inheritance. You might want to remind them that you only have the money because someone you love DIED. You didn’t win the lottery. Make it clear to your husband that you need to live off your current income, and that’s it. It is outrageous how these people want to capitalize on your grief.”

The OP also received comments advising her to refrain from sitting back and watching how things unfold. One said, “NTA. But please see a lawyer asap. After this trick, your husband will likely divorce you to go after your inheritance; make sure your affairs are legally airtight, so he can’t touch it.”

Another person advised, “NTA. It is time to speak to a good lawyer and get that money into some trust that he cannot touch in the event of divorce. Doing more than having it in a separate bank account is required to protect it in a divorce settlement. His behavior is not healthy or supportive at all, and he and his family seem entitled to your inheritance. This is not a good situation. I hope you can work through this but protect your money.”

What do you think? Was OP right to walk out of the restaurant after declining to pay for her in-laws’ meals? Now that she knows her husband’s and in-laws’ intentions, what steps should she take to protect her inheritance? 


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