She WALKED OUT of Her Own Baby Shower Because Her Friends “Disrespected” Her and Her Culture



A Reddit user shared her experience of not wanting a baby shower and then walking out when her friends threw her one.

High-Risk Pregnancy

The original poster (OP) explained that she was seven months pregnant. She said she and her husband are excited but anxious because she has severe endometriosis and has already had three miscarriages.

When they found out she was pregnant again, they didn’t tell anyone, not even their parents, for the first 3.5 months.

OP and her husband are Jewish, and her close friend is not. OP said this has never been an issue between them up until this point. OP said that she made some comments here and there in the past but always apologized.

Recently, though, OP said she’d been making more and more rude comments about OP’s religion, especially since OP announced she would be applying to rabbinical school after the baby was born.

When OP told her friends about her pregnancy, she told them explicitly that she didn’t want a baby shower. She told them that it wasn’t her family’s tradition and that it was considered bad luck.

She added that given her history of complicated pregnancy, she really wanted a sense of security. When her friend invited her over for Sunday brunch, she thought nothing of it.

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Disrespectful Actions

When OP and her husband got to her friend’s house, it was decorated with pink and blue balloons and signs that read “OP’s Baby Shower.” Half of their friends were there, and they all began cheering and congratulating OP.

OP said she immediately burst into tears, which she admits was dramatic. She said she felt disrespected and overwhelmed, so she turned around and left the house.

She sat in her car crying while her husband went off on their friends for not respecting her wishes and to her friend for inviting them over under false pretenses.

He came out around five minutes later and drove them home. He was crying too. OP said her friends have been texting her non-stop since the incident saying she was ungrateful and overdramatic.

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Her friend sent her nasty texts saying that just because OP is Jewish doesn’t mean she can spit in the face of everything her friend put together nor dictate how she chose to celebrate OP’s news. OP’s husband said OP had every right to react how she did and is upset that all of her friends knew she didn’t want this but did it anyway.

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OP said that she knows that in American culture, baby showers are a way to celebrate pregnancy, but that she wished her friends would have respected that she is part of a different culture and would, therefore, not celebrate the same way.

Was OP right to be so upset? Should her friends have respected her wishes and not thrown her a baby shower? How would you have reacted in this situation?

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