She Used Extra Fine Hot Pink Glitter to Revenge on His Middle School Bully: It Worked Well


The hand of the child is covered with glue and glitter

When OP was in elementary school, she was severely bullied. She says the bullying was so bad it affected her mentally, physically, and emotionally years later. She is 23 years old but has not recovered from the torment she underwent in elementary school.

Unfortunately, everyone in her class took part in it. If they were not the tormentors, they were either enablers or bystanders. She had no friends in school for three years straight.

When you thought things could only get better, they went from worse to terrible. She couldn’t cope at school, and neither could she at home. She had no safe place to fall back on when things were not working for her.

Then, out of nowhere, a boy called Julian started befriending her. He was not one of the tormentors but was an enabler of the girls who tormented OP. OP should have been suspicious about Julian’s sudden friendliness, but she wasn’t. She was just happy to have a friend finally.

Julian started by apologizing for the negative things OP had experienced. After, things started getting better for OP.

Revenge Served With a Jar of Glitter

They lived on the same street, and Julian started to ask to hang out with OP. OP was so excited because she was finally getting what she had wanted for so long.

However, she realized Julian was asking her personal and embarrassing questions. This was when OP knew everything was fake. She ensured to dodge every question or give very vague answers.

One day, they were hanging out at Julian’s house when an idea snapped into OP’s mind. When Julian was in the bathroom, OP dashed into his mother’s crafting desk and grabbed a bottle of hot pink glitter.

Glitter is great to use as a craft in a kid’s activity, but it’s not meant for much else…

Whenever he left OP alone, she would put a huge chunk of hot pink glitter on the fan’s blades. It was still the cold season, so OP had to wait until it was hot for his plan to work out. The next day at school, she confronted Julian and told him she knew what he was doing and did not appreciate it. Julian called her ugly and even told her to unalive herself.

Almost a month later, when the temperatures started rising, Julian came to school covered in pink glitter. He was furious, telling people he and his room had been covered in pink glitter when he turned on the fan.

Turns out the glitter had been persistent, as they found it everywhere in the house for years to come. Three years later, they were still struggling to clean the persistent glitter that had covered surfaces on their house.

Years later, OP found out that the family had decided to sell the house, and one of the reasons was the glitter they could not get rid of.

Was this petty revenge worth it, or did OP go overboard?

Redditors Weigh In

If you are wondering how difficult it can be to get rid of glitter, one commenter said, “I knew a school cleaner who would threaten to hit you with a broom handle if you brought glitter into the building.”

Another said, “I’ve suffered a high-volume dog-induced glitter disaster in my bedroom, so I know you’re not even exaggerating. Great job, lmao. This is amazing.”

Are you wondering what Redditors think of OP’s act? Many applauded her for serving Julian with revenge that stuck with him for years.

Did OP go overboard by including Julian’s family, or did they all deserve it?


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