Her Sister Told Her She Was “Privileged Enough To Afford Expensive Spices” So She Called Her Lazy



A Reddit user has shared her story of being regularly insulted by her sister due to her seemingly richer lifestyle and how she retaliated by telling her that she is poor because she is lazy.


The 27-year-old original poster (OP) and her sister (28) occasionally attend dinner parties with their old family friends. Usually, at some point during the evenings, the OP’s sister would make a remark about her financial standing.

For example, her sister once commented about the expense of a dessert she had prepared because it contained the ingredient saffron. The OP’s sister berated her use of this, saying it must be nice to be “privileged enough to afford expensive spices” while many families struggle to make ends meet.

The Dinner Party

At the latest dinner party, the OP’s sister’s comments about her financial status unfolded as expected. While the OP was washing her hands in the sink, her sister criticized the length of time she was taking, expressing that this only proved that she did not need to concern herself with the cost of water bills and how this was a reflection of the OP’s privilege.

As a direct result of the comments from her sister, the OP revealed that she “lost it” and explained that both of them had grown up in the same middle-class household.

The OP said that while she had worked hard in school to better herself, her sister had been “lazy and never valued hard work,” essentially dismissing the sister’s ‘privilege’ argument.

The nail in the coffin, according to the OP, was when she went on to say that while she had been forging her own career, focusing on herself, her sister had been moving from one relationship to another, finding another poor guy to sponge off for a few months before being dumped again.


Unsurprisingly, the OP’s sister was taken aback by her words. She began crying and screaming at her.

The OP decided to stop the situation from worsening by leaving and going home, leaving her wondering if her comments, particularly the dating-related ones, had been unnecessary.

Reddit readers mainly commented that the OP was justified in her response to her sister. One described her sister as a “perpetual victim,” explaining that she takes pleasure in blaming others for things that are a direct result of her own “poor life choices.” 

One reader dismissed the sister’s claims linked to excessive water usage being indicative of privilege, stating that given the costs of water, it is likely that “washing your hands for a full 30 seconds costs about a penny”, declaring that anyone who feels the same way as the OP’s sister should focus their money-saving efforts on something else that is likely to make a greater impact.

How do you feel about the OP’s comments to her sister? Was she right to declare her lazy? 

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Originally posted 2023-04-17 11:15:30.