She Threatened Not Attend Her Sister’s Wedding Over Cufflinks That Don’t Match the Theme



A Reddit user shared a story about how her family might boycott her sister’s wedding after the sister said her son could not wear his favorite cufflinks to her wedding.

Cufflinks Do Not Match

The OP said that her son (Dreyson, 14) had a girlfriend with Sri Lankan heritage. The girl had American parents, but her grandparents were Sri Lankan. Dreyson was close to his girlfriend, and they spent a lot of time together, including going to her home to enjoy traditional foods.

Dreyson’s girlfriend was involved in an accident two years ago, and she passed on. It was tough on Dreyson, but he had an amazing support system that helped him pull through. Dreyson’s girlfriend had given him several gifts, including cufflinks that bore Sri Lankan flags. Dreyson cherished these cufflinks.

The OP’s younger sister was getting married soon, and Dreyson got his suit tailored. They went to their parent’s house for dinner as a family. The sister and her fiancé were present as well, and Dreyson asked them if they wanted to see ‘his fit.’

When the sister saw the cufflinks, she turned red and asked to speak to the OP in private. She told her that Dreyson could not wear the cufflinks as they did not match the wedding’s ‘aesthetic.’ She said that she wanted a traditional American theme, and Dreyson’s cufflinks might make some guests uncomfortable.

The OP spoke with her husband, who agreed that the request was ridiculous. They told the sister that Dreyson would be wearing these cufflinks as they had sentimental value, and if not, they would skip the wedding.

Some of the family members agreed with them, while others told them that they were wrong as it was her sister’s wedding and she was right to set her own rules.

The Masses Weigh In

A user noted that the sister’s demands were akin to being racist, “I guess not matching a traditional American wedding aesthetic is the new way to say I’m a racist….”

“Your sister’s wedding aesthetic is 21st Century American Racist,” said another person.

No One Would Be Looking at His Cufflinks

One user pointed out that the cufflinks of a 14-year-old boy will be the last thing occupying people’s minds, “Absolutely no one will be looking at his cufflinks and unless your sister recently became a militant Tamil Tiger, she has no real reason to oppose them.”

“They’re so small, no one will be looking at him, and I cannot understand how they would cause discomfort,” said someone else.

A Pair of Cufflinks Will Ruin the Whole Wedding?

“You and your husband are right to call this a ridiculous request. It is ridiculous to think that a pair of cufflinks that a guest wears to a wedding will ruin the entire event. If your sister thinks a pair of cufflinks will ruin her wedding, she’s a seriously deluded bridezilla,” observed another user.

Is the sister micromanaging every guest’s attire?

Some users wondered if the sister will micromanage what each guest wears to her wedding. One said, “You can have a suggested dress code for guests, you don’t actually dictate the minute details of your guests outfits. “Black tie” “Cocktail attire” “Steam punk Fight Club” are all fine. “I’m saying Traditional American but we all know what that means” seems to be hers.”

Another person advised that the bride has no control of what people wear, “bride does not have the ability to dictate what guests wear beyond a basic dress code. I’m sure someone will disagree with this but they’re wrong. Unless he’s in the wedding party or an usher, it’s literally outside of her control.”

It Could Be a Good Learning Experience for the Kids

One user pointed out that the OP should respect her sister’s wishes as this could turn out to be a good learning experience for the kids, “This is a good learning experience for your children, sometimes in life they are going to be expected to put others feelings ahead of their own out of simple respect. This is not a battle I would choose to engage for my family. I would explain to them that this what Aunt has requested and though I think it’s stupid, we are going to follow her wishes for her wedding and not make it about us.”

What do you think? Would it have bothered you if you were in the bride’s shoes? Would you refuse to attend the wedding because your sister demanded a change in your son’s dressing choice, no matter how trivial?


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