Woman Who Wants to SUE Her Niece for Ruining Her $20K Coat ON PURPOSE for a Social Media PRANK Video Cheered



Have the social media pranks gone too far?

A Reddit user posted anonymously about how her 16-year-old niece ruined a $20k coat while recording a prank video for social media.

A $20K Coat? Watch Me Ruin It!

The OP is married to a very wealthy family. Her mother-in-law gave her a beautiful coat when she met her in-laws over the holiday.

When the OP visited her sister in January, her niece googled the coat, and she was pleasantly surprised to learn that it cost $20k. The OP stopped wearing it after that for fear of ruining it.

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She visited her sister again last week and wore the expensive coat.

Her niece threw paint at the coat while recording the whole incident. The OP was livid, but the niece was not apologetic, and her mother (OP’s sister) grounded her for a week. She also offered to take care of the dry-cleaning costs.

OP received an alert on her phone later when the niece posted the video on social media. She had titled the video, “I’m going to hit my aunt’s $20k coat with a paint-filled balloon to see how she reacts.” The OP downloaded the video and saved it. The video clip was taken down a few days later.

The next day the OP got a call from the dry cleaners, who told her that her coat could not be salvaged. She called her sister and demanded that her niece pay her back. She suggested they sell her (niece’s) car to cover the costs.

OP’s sister declined and told her to ask her husband to buy her a new coat. The OP decided to sue since she argued that the niece did it deliberately and she knew how much the coat was worth.

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The OP wanted to know if she was wrong in demanding that they pay for a new coat.

The Masses Weigh In

This story received overwhelming attention from the Reddit Community. Many people sided with the OP.

No Apologies To Give

What stood out was that the niece knew exactly what she was doing and was cackling when her aunt was seething with anger after the damage was done. According to one user, the niece was not apologetic, “She ruined a $20k coat. She wasn’t even apologetic.”

“She knew precisely what she was doing, and deserves to now learn exquisite consequences of her horrid actions,” noted another person.

Another agreed with these comments noting, “She looked up how expensive the coat was, showed you how expensive it was, then decided to publicly ruin it for online clout.”

Actions Have Consequences

Many users pointed out that the niece needed to learn that every action has a consequence. One said, “This is a really good way for your niece to learn that actions have consequences and hopefully will serve her well in the future, when she’s older.”

“Actions have consequences and you are right a weeks grounding isn’t enough. She should sell her car and cough up the money. The niece is old enough to know better,” Another retorted.

Her Actions Were Criminal

A user argued that destroying such an expensive item was criminal and the OP should sue, “Destroying their $20k coat is criminal damage. I’d point that out to your sister, OP.”

Another user agreed with this remark adding, “this is criminal damage – she knew the value of the coat, and she used paint which normally can’t be removed.”

Lost More Than $20K

A user reminded the OP that the coat was a gift from her MIL. It had sentimental value, which amplified the loss, “More than the cost of the coat it was a gift from your MIL. Your niece knew the coat would be ruined and she did it for fun and disregarded your feelings all together.”

“That jacket not only had a monetary value of $20k, but also had sentimental value as it was a gift from your MIL,” one user said.

Sister Is Also To Blame

People noted that OP’s sister did not seem too apologetic as well as she downplayed the incident. One said, “Neither she nor her mother are accepting that she is responsible for what she did. That deserves the fullest wrath of consequences you can unleash.”

“Your sister is teaching her kid that she can do whatever she wants and get away with it. $20k down the drain and she’s in trouble for a week? That’s it? That’s her punishment,” remarked another user.

The Relationship Between the OP, Her Sister, and Her Niece Was Changed Forever

A user said that no matter which way they go, their relationship will never be the same, “Her doing this has damaged her and her mother’s relationship with you and no matter what path you take it will color your relationship with them going forward.”

Niece Could Have a Permanent Felony Record

One user urged the OP to consider all consequences before going ahead with the case.

They pointed out that once she sues, the niece will have a permanent felony record, “A 16 year old may get treated as a youth but could still face prison. I know you are upset, but consider whether you want your idiot niece to have a felony record over this stupidity.”

Negotiate Down To Something They Can Afford

According to a different user, the OP should consider negotiating with her sister to come to an agreement on something the niece can afford to pay over time since $20k was too much, “She should pay you back a reasonable amount of money . . . something that a 16-year-old can work toward . . . that won’t ruin her financially or force her to make choices that she will forever resent you for, such as postponing college.”


Would you have sued your niece if she did something like this deliberately if you were in OP’s shoes? How do you think you would have reacted?


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