She Thought She Was Invited to a Birthday Party With Her Son but the Host Was Mad She Was There, Was She Wrong for Staying?


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A woman posted on the AITA subreddit, narrating how she got “invited” to her neighbor’s grandchild’s birthday party. However, the RSVP was overlooked, making her experience at the party horrible.

New Neighbors

The Original Poster (OP), her six-year-old, and her husband moved into their new apartment about a year ago. OP became friends with her 42-year-old neighbor, whom she calls Glenda, in the post. Now, Glenda has a 19-year-old daughter called Sandra and a granddaughter.

OP says they were close friends with Glenda, but she never spent much time with Sandra and her daughter, as they usually visited when OP was at work.

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So, Glenda sent OP a picture of an invitation to her granddaughter’s 1st birthday. The instruction was to RSVP to Sandra, but the invite did not include Sandra’s contact.

Since OP did not have Sandra’s contacts, OP messaged Glenda saying her son would be excited to attend the party. She asked if she should RSVP with Glenda or Sandra, but all Glenda replied was, “Can’t wait to see you there.”

OP took that as a cue that Glenda had done the RSVP for her.

“Who Invited You Here?”

Party day came, and OP and her son went shopping for gifts for the birthday baby. They fill a birthday basket and leave for the party. Glenda excitedly welcomed them to the venue of the birthday.

On the other hand, Sandra seemed less enthusiastic about OP’s arrival. She did not even greet them. OP noticed that she rolled her eyes anytime they were around her. She would even whisper things to other guests, who ignored or gave OP and her son dirty looks.

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OP asked Glenda how she could get an arcade card for her son and was told that Sandra had them. So, she asked Sandra for one, but she said they had run out of them. OP decided to buy one for her son but was stopped by Glenda, who said Sandra would get an extra.

OP’s son was patient, but it can be sad for a kid to watch other kids play when they cannot do it. Sadly, Glenda had to leave early for work, leaving OP and her son to face it all.

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They were moved to the end of the table to sit by themselves. They had it rough as their food was thrown away whenever they got up shortly, they were not informed when it was gift opening time, and OP’s son even missed the goody bags given to other kids.

At the last minute, OP’s son tried to approach Sandra to thank her, but Sandra ran away to avoid him.

The Masses Weigh In

OP’s husband says it was clear Glenda invited them without Sandra’s permission, and the best thing was for them to leave as soon as they noticed they were not welcome at the party.

Here is what some Redditors had to say. “NTA, but you should have probably left. You only properly knew Glenda, not Sandra. Glenda had no right to invite anyone to Sandra’s party; it wasn’t her party. However, Sandra’s behavior was immature; rather than taking the bull by the horns and telling her, “I’m sorry, but I don’t really know you, and I only want to have friends there,” she acted rudely. Sandra must have heard you were coming. She should have told Glenda that she didn’t want to invite someone she didn’t know rather than treating you the way she and the others did.”

Another comment said, “ESH (everyone sucks here). Sandra, for treating you and your son like that, and I have to say you, too, for allowing your kid to suffer through all that… You should have left as soon as you felt you weren’t welcome. You especially should have left as soon as Glenda left. I mean, really??? You sat there through all those social cues that you weren’t welcome? If I were you, I would have left right after I saw Sandra give me a dirty look and whisper something to another adult. Drop the gift and take your kid to another arcade… Or, walk over, grab your kid a card, have him play some games, and then take him for some fun elsewhere.”

And lastly, “ESH. Glenda shouldn’t have invited you. Sandra shouldn’t have been so rude. But all you can do is change how you approach something like this moving forward. Your kid is six; sometimes, you need to navigate situations for him. Sandra and Glenda are the bigger ***holes, but you made mistakes here too.”


Who is to blame for how OP and her son were treated? Should OP have left right away when she realized what was happening?

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