She Plans to Sue Her Parents for Stealing Her College Money, “A Bigger Party Is More Important to Us…”


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The original poster (OP) posted in the “Am I the ***hole” subreddit narrates how her parents stole her college money to fund her brother’s wedding. She would now be suing her parents to get her money back. Would she be wrong for taking legal action against her family?

A Liberator the Family Needed

So, OP comes from a culture that does not value women’s education. Her great-aunt, however, went above and beyond to break the women in her family free of this culture. The great-aunt set up saving accounts for all the females in the family. She lived with her father in London, got educated, and became a successful doctor. She later married a British man with whom they moved to the USA, where they had a great life.

This woman funded the education of as many of her nieces and even grandnieces as possible. When she passed away, she left money for every girl relative she could, OP and her sister included.

“A Bigger Party Is More Important to Us…”

Unfortunately, OP’s parents managed to access OP’s and her sister’s funds, which they used to pay for their brother’s wedding. It is ridiculous to use someone’s education money, let alone use it to pay for a wedding.

OP’s sister did not care about the money because she got married straight out of high school and had no intentions of going to college. This means OP was in this all alone.

She found only a tiny portion of the money left. When she confronted her parents, they said that they needed the money. But OP later discovered that her money was used to fund her brother’s wedding.

OP got student loans and moved out. She has decided to sue her parents, but the entire family is against her move. Everyone thinks she is the ***hole for airing the family’s dirty laundry to the public. They even think that she is putting money before family ties.

OP’s brother called her and offered to pay for her college fees only if she drops the lawsuit. Now, if he can genuinely pay for the college fees, it tells me that he could have easily paid for his wedding. I do not understand why the parents had to steal OP’s money to pay for the wedding if the brother could.

OP was, however, not buying it. She told her brother they had to get a legally binding contract. He now thinks OP is an ***hole for not trusting him.

P/S: OP does not disclose the exact amount, but she says the money was enough to cover her and her sister’s undergraduate degrees without getting them into debt.

Should OP keep pursuing the lawsuit?

What Redditors Had To Say

OP was hoping that things wouldn’t blow out of proportion, but people told her she was NTA (not the ***hole) and she should do anything and everything to get her money back.

One commenter said, “NTA. Your parents didn’t borrow your money. They stole it. I hope you have all the documents to show that the money was yours. Your brother is also the AH for trying to get you to drop a lawsuit with what is most likely a lie. If you have a chance to start life without student debt, you do whatever you can do. Your parents’ culture sounds completely toxic. I’m glad you got out.”

Another comment that caught my attention said, “They completely disregarded the dying wishes of the Aunt so they could throw a bigger party.”  To me, OP’s great-aunt was a true hero, and it is just sad how the family did not value her effort. It deeply reflects what the family thinks of the aunt.

It is devastating how this family values their son’s wedding more than their daughter’s education. Many people told OP that her aunt would have wanted her to sue for the money, so she should go for it. 


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