Barking Up the Wrong Tree: Her Upset When He Vetoes Dogs in Their Home



A Reddit user posted a story about how his partner is mad because he does not want her friends to bring their dogs to their home when they visit.

Dogs Don’t Belong in the House

The OP has been living with his partner for three years, and they have been together for four. The OP’s partner is a dog lover who owns two dogs, including an elderly, sickly one. The OP hates animals and has unequivocally told his partner that he does not like dogs.

However, he had to make a compromise with his partner, and the dogs were not allowed into the master bedroom or living room.

The partner considers the two dogs as children and treats them accordingly. The OP grew up in a home where dogs were considered animals that stayed outside the house.

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The dogs seem to like the OP, but the OP does not want to take care of them unless he absolutely has to. When the partner traveled for a week, the OP took care of the dogs, including giving the elderly one medication and walking them twice daily.

They recently acquired a house, and the OP’s partner invited her friends from out of town for a sleepover. They wanted to come with their dogs.

The OP is concerned that the friends do not have the money to board their dogs for the visit, and they will have to spend time in the house. Some of these pets have special needs.

He welcomes the friends but does not feel comfortable about having them visit with their pets. His partner considers this a harsh and selfish move, while the OP said he felt his privacy would be violated.

The OP wanted to hear the opinion of the Reddit users on whether he did wrong by refusing to let his partner’s friends visit with their dogs for an overnight stay.

The Masses Weigh In

Reddit users discussed the story and had different opinions, with most people (including dog owners and dog lovers) siding with the OP.

Several users stated that the OP had done his part by making considerable compromises when they lived together. One said, “You’ve already accommodated more than you actually agreed to, as you are now taking care of her dogs when she goes away.”

Another argued that OP’s partner had also made compromises for his sake, “But you’ve been living with your partner in her home, and she’s made considerable compromises for your preferences. You and your partner should consider Living Apart Together. Get your own place, and try continuing your relationship with the agreement that you each get to have your own rules in your own home.”

The Partner Knowingly Moved in With Someone Who Hated Animals

Another person said that the OP’s partner should excuse the OP since she knew he hated dogs, yet she still moved in with him: “But she knowingly chose to move in with someone who isn’t comfortable with dogs.”

The OP chipped into the conversation and said he was comfortable with his partner’s dogs but was unwilling to accommodate pets from other people, “We have discussed dogs in the past and she made it clear she will always have dogs and I’ve accepted this. I’m having a hard time accepting other ppls pets.”

“You’ve already made a lot of adjustments to accommodate your partner’s love of her pets. However, this doesn’t mean that you should be expected to be made to feel uncomfortable in your own home,” another added.

Several users were quick to support him. One of them said, “To have other people’s pets in your home like that would be super invasive to me. I know dog lovers that wouldn’t want that. You are not unreasonable for wanting to draw this line.”

A dog lover said that he/she would never allow a friend’s dogs into their home, “I like dogs…but if I invited a heap of friends over, their dogs would not be welcome. You sound like you are really accommodating her dogs which is a sign of a great partner.”

Low-key Manipulative

A user argued that the OP’s partner’s actions bordered on manipulation, “You already are stuck with caring for dogs for weeks when she is away, although that wasn’t an initial deal. Now she pushes for more. It’s a red flag.”

“Your partner is being manipulative by insisting it won’t feel like home if her friends’ dogs aren’t welcome or allowed in your shared home,” another added.

They Shouldn’t Bring Dogs if They Cannot Support Them

After OP pointed out that the friends did not have money to support the dogs, a user said that they were not being too responsible, “If you don’t have the capability or the network to care for your animals when you cannot be there, you should not have animals.”

Strange Pets Can Be Messy

“There’s too many unknowns. Just having dogs in the house already is an incredibly reasonable excuse to keep other dogs out,” a user advised the OP against taking the risk.

Do you side with the OP on his stand against disallowing his partner’s friends to bring dogs over for a sleepover? Or do you side with his partner and think the OP is being a bit selfish? How would you have reacted to this?


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