Crazy Lady Demanded to Talk to His Manager, so He Called His Manager – His Wife



One Reddit user shared a story about how a lady mistook him for an employee, harassed him, and wanted him to get fired.

I Demand To Speak to Your Manager, Now!

The OP went to the store to buy wiper blades for his car. He was wearing an old red polo shirt with a triangle and maple leaf logo on the chest – something close to what the employees wore.

The OP was selecting the wipers on a touch screen when he was interrupted by a lady. Thinking that she wanted to use the screen, the OP moved to the section with the wiper brand he was interested in. The lady followed him there.

She told him it was rude to walk away from her. He ignored her as he didn’t think she was talking to him. She prodded him, and he turned to her, telling her that he didn’t think she was talking to him. She asked him what size she should get for her Mercedes.

He told her to use the screen to get whatever she wanted and continued with his search. She told him he was terrible at his job. He told her that he did not work there, but she demanded to see the manager right away. She told him he had poor customer service for refusing to help her and for ignoring her.

As she walked away to look for a manager, the OP started walking to the checkout aisle. She chased him down and went in front of him to stop him from escaping before his manager arrived.

The OP pulled out his phone, put it on speakerphone, and called his ‘manager.’ According to the OP, the only person close enough he can call as his manager is his wife since he is self-employed. The conversation that followed made the lady realize that perhaps she had made a mistake and the OP didn’t work at that store.

As the OP laughs at her expense, his wife tells him that he was being mean to the lady.

The OP turned to the Reddit community to ask whether he did wrong in calling his ‘manager’ as the lady demanded.

The Masses Weigh In

The post attracted a lot of comments, with many people saying the OP was right in putting the lady in her place.

They Think Employees Who Work Retail Are Lazy and Avoiding Work

Some users were furious about how people always tend to think retail workers are lazy. One said, “To understand that phenomenon, you have to realize what these people tend to think of retail employees. They think that if you work retail you are either stupid, lazy, or both. They assume that since they always have such difficulty finding an employee, that employees must actively hide from them to avoid working. So when they do find someone they classify as “employee” and that “employee” says that magic phrase, they don’t question their classification. They assume this is another lazy employee stupid enough to try to lie about working there because they don’t actually want to work. That is why they double down. They are more inclined to think that poorly of someone else as to question themselves.”

Another supported this by saying, “It’s funny how it’s a common thing here that people are always so quick to take “I don’t work here” as “I must obviously be a lazy lying employee” over verbatim “I don’t work here.”

The Meanest Canadian Ever

Some people thought the OP acted more American than Canadian. A user said, “As an American, it sounds like you were more than reasonable. But for a Canadian… I didn’t think you guys were allowed to act that way.”

Another could not believe the story, “I don’t believe this story. There weren’t enough “sorry”s for you to be Canadian.”

According to another user, Canadians are not such savages, “I had no idea Canadians could be such savages. I thought there would be much more apologizing in this story too.”

Her Actions Were Out of Line

Whether the OP worked there or not, the lady’s actions were out of line, according to another user, “Even if you had worked there, the way she acted was not ok. Especially the trying to stop you from leaving part. Two wrongs don’t make a right, and store employees stop being there to help you when they clock off.”

Garbage In – Garbage Out

According to some users, the OP did the right thing because he handled the situation as needed. One said, “Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. I say you handled that perfectly.”

It’s Probably Not the Lady’s Fault

A user came to the lady’s defense, saying that she probably couldn’t find an employee to help her before turning to the OP, “To be fair to her, finding an employee at Canadian Tire is impossible.”


How would you have reacted if you were the OP in this situation?


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