He Mistook a Fellow Teacher for a Student, Snatched Her Phone and Sent Her to Detention



A Reddit user shared a hilarious story about how a fellow teacher in her high school mistook her for a student.

You Should Be Suspended for Being Disrespectful!

The OP is a substitute teacher at her local high school. She is 24 years old but looks younger. According to her, an older male teacher found her using her phone and asked her why she was not in uniform. He also told her that no kids were allowed to have phones in his class.

She ignored him since she didn’t think he was talking to her. He got mad and snatched her phone. She swore at him, and he became more furious.

He told her that she was getting detention for swearing at a teacher and she would get her phone at the end of the day. He told her to accompany him to the principal so that she could explain why she was so rude.

The OP plays netball with the principal and decided to indulge him. As he explained the scenario asking the principal to suspend her for being so disrespectful to him, the two (OP and the principal) were trying hard not to laugh.

The principal explained to him that she was a teacher, and he turned red in shame.

The Masses Weigh In

This story sparked a conversation on Reddit, with many users sharing similar stories about how they were also mistaken for looking young or being petite. We have sampled some of these stories here.

One said, “I used to do IT for a school district. The high school teachers constantly tried taking my phone and cap from me, even though I had just been out like a week prior to fix their network ports in their room. I had one threaten detention to me while I was on the line with my supervisor. That was kind of hard to live down back in the shop.”

Another added, “Shortly after graduating law school and passing the bar, I was on a work trip (arriving the night before so not in work clothes), and the woman next to me on the plane asked if I was in high school. Trying to be nice, I told her that I was too old for school. She spent the rest of the flight lecturing me about how you’re never too old for learning and encouraging me to get an education.”

Another shared a story about her altercation with a student who mistook her for another student, “When I taught high school I was in a T-shirt and jeans as my costume for homecoming parade. I am tiny and looked like a student. Was walking in the hall during passing when a boy shoved into me then cursed me out for being in his way. I walked to the office and got the head principal. We tracked him down and he ended up having a veeeeery bad day after that. He cried and pleaded about not knowing I was a teacher. The response was a 10-day suspension and a lecture about treating EVERYONE with respect no matter who they are.”

Vote for Student Council

“My wife is a professor at a university. Whenever they are handing out stuff for students, they always give her one. Or ask her to vote for certain names for student council. We are 35,” Commented another user.

You Cannot Be 34!

Another shared a story about how he was mistaken for a young student, yet he was 34, “I’m a 34 year-old high school teacher and adjunct college professor. I sponsor my school’s High School Democrats club. The officers were volunteering at the county party fundraiser and I was there as their chaperone. All night long, people kept thinking that I was a high school student and expressing shock that I was 34. Finally, this really smug acting guy who looked around 30 made a joke at my expense that showed that he thought I was in high school. I said “I guarantee that I’m older than you.” He turned out to be 34 as well and was mostly speechless.”

Can you relate to OP’s situation? Have you ever been mistaken for being younger than you are?



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