Wife Interrupts Husband’s Livestream to Scream at Him for Abandoning Their Child


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A woman posted in the “Am I the ***hole” wanting to know if she was wrong for interrupting her husband’s livestream and going off on him while he was live after he abandoned their child so he could stream.

No Line Between Online and Offline Life?

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So, the original poster and her husband have a YouTube channel with over 14K subscribers.

The husband has been doing live streams lately and seemingly overlooks his duties outside of YouTube.

They now have a seven-month-old daughter, and the responsibilities in the house have definitely increased. OP notes that before their daughter was born, he would randomly do a livestream and spend lots of time there.

He Has a Daughter

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Now that they have a daughter, he should obviously cut down on that and do more in the house. However, he keeps saying that his YouTube followers help his mental health.

He even says they are good for his communication and social interaction skills. He, therefore, keeps mentioning how much it needs to livestream.

The OP says she told him they would look into their schedule and have time for the live streams. She probably thought that was it because the husband agreed they would have a schedule for when everything should be done. This man had other ideas in mind, though.

The 7 Month Old Can Wait

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So, the OP had gone grocery shopping and left their daughter under the care of her husband.

She says she was gone for 4 hours, but her instincts kept telling her something was wrong. She kept calling her husband to ensure everything was alright, and he assured her all was well.

When she went home, she could not find her husband. On calling him, there was no response. When she entered the bedroom, she found her daughter awake, the diaper unchanged, and the bottle untouched. In short, this man had not attended to the daughter at all.

Doing a Live Stream

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The OP then noticed that her husband’s office door was shut. She figured out he was doing a livestream.

She went into the office and went off on him for abandoning their daughter for his followers. She kept going while he tried to turn off his mic and beg her to stop.

Their argument blew out of proportion; the OP had to leave the office. But that was not the end of it.

They have been fighting about this ordeal; OP decided to move back to her mum’s.

Was She Wrong?

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Now, her husband cannot stop blaming her for ignoring his needs, yet he has expressed how much he needs to be in contact with his followers.

When asked about her negligence towards their daughter, all he says is he forgot to check on her.

Is OP’s husband genuine? Is OP wrong for interrupting the livestream?

Redditors Weigh In

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One Reddit user who went on to earn the “supreme just-a**” award said, “NTA – Dude was straight up neglecting his human child for some twitch viewers. If I EVER caught my husband doing that, I’d be reevaluating the marriage; A child’s well-being and safety should be his priority, not worrying about his subscribers.”

Another commented, “What also bothers me is that OP has to ask for help with the daughter as if she is solely responsible and must arrange care. He is also a parent and should be equally responsible. Watching and caring for his daughter should be second nature and not a burden on the wife to have to ask. And certainly not forgotten.”


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Another comment that a handful of other awards said, “NTA. He has a social media addiction. What he did was unconscionable, and the fact that he had an absolute TANTRUM and explosive upset over you are potentially embarrassing him in front of his followers or ruining his “channel”. . . and not the fact that HE LEFT HIS INFANT CHILD SITTING HUNGRY AND IN A SOILED DIAPER so that he could TALK AT A BUNCH OF COMPLETE STRANGERS is horrifying and inexplicable by any other reasoning. And BTW, his whole “mental health” argument doesn’t make this better. Any therapist worth their salt would raise a serious eyebrow at the fact that he claims that he desperately “needs” the adulation and interaction with thousands of strangers “for his mental health.” That isn’t mental health, it’s addiction.” 

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