They Accused Her of Being a GOLD DIGGER, She Told Everyone At The Party, “I Make Twice What He Does”



A Reddit user shared her story of responding to her partner’s friends’ misogynistic accusations, “gold digger,” by revealing that she makes double what he makes.

Party Conversation

The original poster (OP) explained that she was invited to a party to meet the friends of a guy she is in a relationship with. She prefers to avoid the topic of work in social situations as her job role does not define her.

However, the OP’s boyfriend’s friendship group brought up the matter of work on several occasions.

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In response to personal questions, the OP talked about her hobbies rather than her job, disclosing she is a hiker and enjoys archery, road trips, and camping. The men, on the other hand, spoke mainly about their roles in the tech industry.

When asked specifically about work, the OP declared that it was not what she wanted to chat about at a party, explaining that she had been working hard to replace a part on a motor in blistering heat only to find the replacement part was faulty, too.

Conversation Turns Sour

While deliberately vague about her work, the OP did not expect to be subjected to misogynistic comments made on several occasions. Though they did not come from her partner’s close friends, who kept their thoughts to themselves, she did not feel comfortable that they occurred at all.

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The drunker people got the looser their lips. Jokes were made at the OP’s expense, including slurs about her growing up in a trailer park and being a gold digger, only after her partner’s money, just like most females.

When the OP’s partner seemed intent on not refuting the misogynistic and unfounded accusations and sticking up for her, she retorted, “Now why the h*** would you say that when I make twice what he does?”.

This statement was met with silence, so she continued to say that there was no gold to dig at the party and questioned if her partner’s friends thought she was cheap or just stupid.


More than being accused of being a gold digger itself, the OP expressed disappointment at the lack of support from her partner. Shortly after her outburst, he exclaimed that he wanted to leave the party, upset that she had revealed her salary to be double his.

The OP explained that she would have kept that detail to herself if he had responded to his friends’ claims rather than just allowing the abuse. He claims that smoking leaves him quiet, and he felt unable to speak up.

However, this did not stop him from angrily declaring that the OP is a b***, had embarrassed him, and humiliated by the whole situation.

Should the OP have kept her mouth shut to appease her partner? Should her partner have stepped in sooner to avoid the situation from escalating?

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