Her Fiancée LIED to Her and Told Her Her Ring Was $50K, Her Sister Confirmed That Is Was Only $30



A Reddit user shared her story about how her sister called off her engagement after she found out (from the OP) that her ring was much cheaper than what her fiancé said it was worth.

$50K vs $30

The OP’s sister was engaged to her boyfriend, Seth. Seth came from a wealthy family, and he had a good job. He proposed to Lydia (OP’s sister) using a ring he made her believe cost him $50k. Lydia was excited. She prepared a photoshoot and wanted the ring cleaned and polished for the event.

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OP’s wife, Katie, was a jeweler who had been in the business for a long time. Lydia asked Katie to polish the ring as a favor, and Katie agreed. Katie found out that the ring was cheap and said it could not have cost more than $30. After discussing it with OP, they decided to tell Lydia the truth. Lydia was shocked.

At first, Lydia thought Seth had been scammed but came to learn that he knew it was a cheap ring and had hoped that she would never find out. She was furious. She called off the engagement and went to stay with a friend, cutting off communication with Seth.

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Although Lydia was not mad at her sister for telling her the truth, their parents and other relatives were furious, telling the OP that she should have minded her own business.

The OP wanted to know if she had done the right thing by exposing Seth.

The Masses Weigh In

Many people in the Reddit community sided with the OP and reprimanded Seth for lying.

It Is Not About the Ring – It Is About Honesty

One Reddit user argued that the price of the ring did not matter. Seth lied, and this spoke a lot about his character,  “The fact that Seth lied and said the ring was worth 50K and it was actually worth $30 is the key here- he lied when he didn’t have to…”

Another user supported this sentiment, “The ring is irrelevant. It’s the fact that the lie was comically huge.”

An Engagement Ring Shouldn’t Be Cheap

A user said that although one should spend money wisely, an engagement ring was special, and Seth was wrong

“… Part of staying rich is knowing when you should spend…but an engagement ring is supposedly to indicate a lifelong commitment… There’s no reason to cheap out… Obviously $50k is also not required…”

What Else Would He Try if He Thought He Could Get Away With This?

Another user said that the OP did her sister a favor because Seth would try to get away with something else in the future if he thought he could pull this off, “Yep. Thinking he could get away with something like this.. forever??! Just imagine what else a guy like this would try to get away with. OP did the woman a favor.”

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And, “… Seth lied to her. That is a big, huge, unforgivable deal that doesn’t bode well for married life together…”

This sentiment was supported by another user who was awed that Seth’s lied, yet he knew his SIL’s wife was a jeweler and would sooner or later figure it out, “Thought he could get away with it forever, even knowing that his fiancée’s SIL is a JEWELER…”

Lydia Should Have Asked for an Appraisal

A Reddit user who worked in a jewelry store said that anything worth above $50k needed insurance, and that meant it had to be appraised,  “…I worked in a jewellers and the boss would do up appraisals for insurance purposes. Most insurance companies won’t insure without one, especially for something worth supposedly 50k…”

OP’s Parents Are Not Supportive

A user pointed out that the OP’s parents were terrible people if they were okay with their daughter being lied to, “OP’s parents are terrible people if they are okay with someone lying to their daughter and to everyone else.”

And, “No one forced Seth to lie about the ring’s value, let alone continue to brag about it”

The person that everyone should be upset with is Seth, “You had ZERO obligation to maintain his lie.”

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Perhaps Seth Was Not as Well-Off as He Made People Think

One user noted that Seth may have told her about the price to maintain his status symbol. Maybe he was not doing as well as he wanted people to believe.

“The fact he said it was $50000 shows it was more about being a status symbol and tricking people into thinking he’s well off…”

And, “…and now i’m curious as to why he only paid that much when he’s supposed to be financially secure…”

No One Forced the Sister To Call off the Engagement

A user pointed out that OP’s sister had full control and calling off the engagement was her decision, not OP’s, “You guys also told her privately, that she ended the engagement is not on you and was her own choice.”

Did the Op Have an Ulterior Motive, or Was She Being Genuine?

Some users doubted the ring cost $30. They think the OP grossly understated the price.

“I doubt the ring OP’s sister’s ex bought was $30. To a jeweler that’s probably the value, but I’d bet it was a couple hundred dollars.”

And, “Though I’m struggling to believe the validity of this post. I’m not a jeweler but I spent years at a pawn shop; a $30 ring is incredibly obvious.”

And , “This feels fake. In no world does a 30 dollar ring look like a 50k ring.”

One user backed Seth’s decision to buy the cheap ring but reprimanded him for lying about it, “for the record, I would never expect anyone to spend lots of money on a ring, but lying about it is completely unacceptable.”

Other users were quick to support that sentiment;

“I agree with your parents about the fact that the pressure to buy a ring for 50k or even more is insane… But it’s not about that. It’s about the fact that he lied to her and bragged about the price.”

And “While I agree that spending 50k on a ring is utterly ridiculous, he still lied about it…”

And, “I’d have been more pissed if it actually cost 50k … Don’t lie to your fiancée…”

The community largely agreed that the OP did the right thing. What do you think? How would you have handled the situation if you were in OP’s shoes? Would you have told your sister about the ring?

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