Her Sister Is Threatening to UNINVITE Her From the Wedding Because She Booked a Vacation to Her Sister’s DREAM Honeymoon Destination



The original poster’s boyfriend booked them a vacation to a tropical island, which turned out to be the dream honeymoon destination for her sister.

She posted on the AITA subreddit wanting to know whether she was in the wrong for insisting on going.

The Wedding Has To Be Huge

The original poster (OP) describes her sister as a “wedding” person since she had been dreaming and planning for her WEDDING long before she met her boyfriend.

Now that she is engaged, she is planning to go out to make it big and memorable. She is going for a big, expensive cinematic venue, a long guest list, a designer dress, and a dreamy honeymoon destination.

She is after making things extraordinary on her wedding day.

Now, OP says she is happy that her sister is having things go just as she has always wanted. However, their fight arose when OP’s boyfriend booked himself and OP a getaway to a tropical island, which later turned out to be the planned honeymoon destination for OP’s sister.

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OP says she had no idea this was her sister’s dream honeymoon destination. They even had not booked anything. Nobody was aware of it until OP shared the news at their family dinner, and that’s when the bride-to-be said that was where she was planning on going after the wedding.

OP insists that her boyfriend planned it as a surprise trip and was not even close with the bride-to-be. There is no way they would have known of their plans.

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Entitled Much?

Now the bride-to-be has asked OP to cancel the trip because she will ruin the surprise and specialness of the destination.

OP has insisted that she won’t change the pleasant surprise her boyfriend had organized for them. Bride-to-be has now threatened to uninvite OP from the wedding if she does not cancel the vacation.

Funny enough, everyone is on the bride-to-be’s side. Their mother has asked OP to cancel the vacation for peace. OP’s boyfriend is also willing to cancel everything he has booked to ensure no bad blood between the sisters.

What would you have done if you were OP?


The Masses Weigh In

One commenter said, “NTA. Why should you have to cater to her insane behavior.”

OP replied to this comment by saying, “It honestly didn’t even start here. She asked me to dye my hair a different color on her wedding day, so we didn’t match (we’re both brunettes). I haven’t even had that conversation with her yet.”

Another commenter said, “That woman is gonna be so mad when she goes on her honeymoon and realizes people have been living there for years without consulting her!”

Another added, “NTA – your sister is selfish and entitled. The proper way for her to handle this would be… OMG, that’s amazing. I thought about going there; tell me all about it to know if it’s worth it. Go on your trip and tell your sister to get over herself.”

It is always nice to hear from people who have visited a place before you do. They help you get better deals, navigate the destination well, and make the most of it. It would have even made things easier for the bride.

And lastly, “NTA. She didn’t even tell anyone she planned to go there! Were you supposed to magically know it? She hasn’t even booked it… she wants to! Please, go and enjoy the vacation that your BF has planned. Remind your ultra-entitled sister that thousands of other people also go to this island weekly… does she expect them all to stop for her?”

Should OP give in to the pressure and change the destination for the sake of her entitled sister? 

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