Bad Language Beats the System: Mom Blocks School Discipline for Daughter



A Reddit user has shared her tale of refusing to allow her high school-aged daughter to stay behind for after-school detention despite the principal’s claims that the mother was “making excuses.”

Bad Behavior

The original poster (OP) explained that her 13-year-old daughter reportedly told a substitute teacher to “F*** off” when requested to climb the rock wall in PE. Despite explaining that she has cerebral palsy, the PE teacher insisted after a second student feigned having cerebral palsy, too. Therefore, the OP’s daughter continued to shout “F*** off” until she was sent to the office for unacceptable behavior.

The OP’s daughter has an IEP detailing what she can and cannot do in lessons such as PE. These specifications were not upheld, leading to frustration and anger.

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This category of behavior is described in the handbook as warranting a same-day after-school detention. The principal rang the OP, who said that it would be impossible to accommodate this immediate change for a number of reasons, including the change in the bus route, an inability to change her work schedule at the last minute to enable her to collect from school and her husband’s working away.

Natural Consequence?

When explaining why her daughter could not get on the ‘late’ bus as suggested by the principal, due to the route being unsuitable for her physical needs as a result of her cerebral palsy, the OP was informed that this was a “natural consequence” of her daughter’s behavior. The late bus would have meant walking around a mile to her home and on uneven ground as the road does not have a footpath.

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Making Excuses?

Upon describing the main consequences forcing the OP’s daughter to attend after-school detention on the day in question, the principal declared that she was making excuses and actually the parent was not obliged to give permission for her daughter to be in detention.

Agreeing that her daughter’s use of inappropriate language warranted some form of consequence, the OP suggested that she attend a week of lunchtime detentions or, alternatively, the after-school detention could be scheduled for a different day to allow the OP to change her work, allowing her to collect her daughter from school.

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The OP shared the story on Reddit as her sister said that her refusal to allow her daughter to attend that day’s after-school detention was being “one of those moms”, causing her to doubt her motivation and response to the incident.

What do you think about the OP’s decision to refuse to allow her daughter to attend after-school detention that day? Did the school make appropriate accommodations for her daughter’s physical disabilities? Was the OP making excuses? Was the principal right in declaring her daughter’s difficulties as a ‘natural consequence’?

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