Family Feud: She Asked Her Stepdaughter To MOVE Out Of Her Room To Make Space For The New Baby



A Reddit user shared her story of asking her stepdaughter to move out so that she and her husband could have room for their new child.

What To Expect When You’re Expecting

The original poster (OP) explained that she is currently pregnant with her first child. She and her husband live in a two-bedroom home with her stepdaughter. Now that the baby is on the way, OP and her husband need more space, and they cannot afford a new home.

OP asked her husband if he thought it would be a good idea to ask her stepdaughter to move out so that they could use the room for the baby. OP reasoned that her step daughter is an adult and works full-time, so it is time for her to move on.

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OP’s husband agreed and they brought it up with her one night at dinner. They offered to help her out with the first two months of rent. OP also said she would go shopping with her for decorations for her apartment.

OP said they tried to be as gentle as possible, but she was very quiet. She pulled OP’s husband aside later and told him that despite working full-time, she could not afford to live on her own.

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OP’s husband told her that she didn’t need to move out so now they are trying to find space for the baby. The other day, OP was home alone with her stepdaughter and brought up the subject of moving out again.

She offered to help her find a roommate, but her stepdaughter snapped at her, told her to leave her alone, and locked herself in her room.

OP’s husband was upset when he got home and told OP to leave her alone and not bring it up anymore. OP said things have been awkward and uncomfortable since then, which has made her pregnancy more stressful.

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The Masses Weigh In

The Reddit community was far more sympathetic to the stepdaughter in this situation.

One user said, “Info: So you and your husband can’t afford another place to live but you expect her to?”

Another added, “Exactly, I was just about to post that if the two adults can’t afford 3 bedrooms, how do they think the young adult probably just starting her career can afford 1.”

Another chimed in, “YTA. It is hard for young adults these days. Unless they marry an older guy with $$$. Your baby can stay in the room with you for the first months. You are being unrealistic about decorating a new place. Leave the discussions with her to your husband.”

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Another user offered a solution. “If she contributes some rent and groceries, would you be able to afford a 3br? More cost effective than two places, and she wouldn’t feel so pushed out.”

Was it okay for OP to try to kick her stepdaughter out of the house to make room for the baby? Should the stepdaughter have to move out?

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