She REFUSED To Tell Her Husband the Gender of Their Baby After He REFUSED To Go to the Doctor’s Appointment



Should she tell her husband the gender of their baby?

A frustrated woman has taken to Reddit to share the story of why she refuses to reveal the gender of their baby to her husband when he failed to turn up to the latest scan.

First Baby Excitement

The original poster (OP) and her husband are expecting their first baby together. Despite the excitement the OP and her husband apparently feel, she is frustrated at her husband’s lack of engagement with anything baby-related and explains that he has attended hardly any of their medical appointments.

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He has declared that his presence at such appointments is not warranted, declaring “I’m not the one carrying the baby,” and questioning why the OP has the expectation of him being there. Additionally, he has refused to make an appearance, citing soccer and a board game with friends as valid reasons why he missed the appointments.

Knowing that she faced the gender scan alone, the OP invited her mom to attend the appointment with her. All went well, and she left, knowing the gender of the baby.

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A Right To Know?

As a result of her husband not bothering to attend the scan with her, the OP refused to respond to any of his texts and hung up the phone when he demanded to find out the gender results. Standing her ground, the OP has faced accusations from her husband of being ‘immature,’ ‘spiteful,’ and ‘dramatic.’

In fact, the OP’s husband got so worked up about the whole situation that he told his family, who are now pressuring her to “stop playing mind games” with him and reveal the results. The OP has simply dug her heels in further and continued to refused to divulge the secret.

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Not willing to drop the matter, the OP’s husband even convinced his mom to ring the doctor to further attempt to discover the baby’s gender. This course of action proved unsuccessful, too.

Glimpse Into the Future?

Other Reddit users have quickly backed the OP, praising her for sticking to her guns. They believe that how he acts now might be a glimpse into what will come once the baby is born. His insistence on not having to attend appointments due to not being the one carrying the baby could soon shift to not having to change diapers because he was not the one who grew the baby inside of him.

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Others also question the legitimacy of his excuses, wondering if ‘fish and chips’ is actually a cover for an affair he is having.

Some shared comparable stories where the relationships lasted just weeks or months after the baby is born. One user recounts her husband cleaning himself up in the hospital restroom before attempting to leave for some so-called quality sleep.

Should the OP change her mind and let her husband know the baby’s gender? Is his behavior indicative of being a ‘deadbeat dad’?

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