Parking War! Neighbors Keep Parking in Front of His Grandparent’s Home So He Made It a Handicapped Spot So No One Could Park There


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A kind grandson has shared his parking wars story, where he got the city to put a handicapped spot in front of his grandparent’s house for spite. What started as a neighborhood squabble turned into a tale of “pretty revenge.”

A Thoughtful Grandson

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The original poster (OP), a 23-year-old male, lives in his grandparent’s converted garage suite while he saves for a house. His grandparents do not drive and rely on him to take them around town.

However, the OP does not have a car and depends on a car-sharing service.

No Private Parking

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The street they live on has no private parking, and you cannot double park without being considered a jerk. So, while the OP does not constantly require a parking space, he does need access to one occasionally to safely get his elderly grandparents in and out of the car.

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Leave the Space Empty

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But due to the lack of private parking, some of the OP’s neighbors began using his grandparents’ empty parking spot. The OP did acknowledge that this is not technically an issue, as they do not have a permanent car.

However, it still poses a problem when the OP needs to pick up a vehicle to take his grandparents out.

As the OP’s grandparents’ errands are usually scheduled well in advance, he would simply ask his neighbors to leave their spots empty. This worked out well for some time – until the new neighbors moved in with their five cars.

Working the System

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Despite parking one car in their garage, these new neighbors still have four cars parked on the street. With the limited street parking, two of their cars ended up in front of the OP’s grandparent’s home.

After successfully liaising with the other neighbors, the OP politely asked this new family to leave their space empty on days he needed it. Unfortunately for the OP and his grandparents, they refused as there was no private parking in their neighborhood.

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Handicapped Parking

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Seeing no other solution, the OP got the city to put in a handicapped parking spot in front of his house. He also got a handicapped parking pass, meaning he was the only one authorized to use this parking space. This did not sit well with the OP’s new neighbors, who continued parking in the now handicapped spot.

Multiple Tickets

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The OP’s neighbors have now been ticketed multiple times and towed once, as the city treats these designated spots like any other zone. The new neighbors are now calling the OP an ‘***hole’ for taking up a spot he does not need most of the time. Although, the ticketing and towing have nothing to do with the OP, as he did confirm neither he nor his grandparents have reported them.

Despite feeling guilty, the OP’s grandfather insists he did the right thing, while his grandmother wants him to make nice and devise a beneficial solution for all parties involved.

A Popular Decision

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Commenters quickly side with the OP, stating the neighbors are in the wrong for disregarding the handicapped spot. Many agreed it was their fault for getting ticketed, with one user saying, ”If it’s now a handicapped spot, their own illegal parking is getting them towed.”

Although, some users did state the OP had worked the system to get his own way. But the resounding majority agreed the OP was doing what he needed for his elderly grandparents.

They Had It Coming

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One user thinks the neighbors had it coming, ”Why does anyone need 5 cars when it requires on-street parking for 4 of them? Just selfish would be my guess. Entitled people are always the first to make a big stink when they are inconvenienced. I hope you made sure that the other neighbors know why you had to go the route you did. Your new neighbors’ ingratitude cost them the use of the extra parking space.”

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