He Breaks up With Her Because She Refused to Babysit His Kids on His Birthday So He Could Go on a Trip


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A Reddit user shared a story about how her boyfriend broke up with her after she refused to babysit his kids so that he could go camping with friends for his birthday celebration.

Take Care of the Kids; I Need To Go Camping and Have Fun!

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The OP lives with her boyfriend. She has one kid, and the boyfriend has two kids from different people. They do not have a kid together.

OP’s boyfriend’s birthday was coming up. For several weeks the OP’s boyfriend had been complaining about how he may not go to celebrate because he couldn’t find a babysitter.

His plan was to go camping with the OP and two other friends. They have been dating for two years.

Ask Her To Be the Babysitter

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When he could not get a babysitter (a day before his birthday), he asked the OP to fill in and take care of the babies as he went out camping with his friends.

He told her that he would make it up to her later. He also told her that he was faced with the dilemma of disappointing the OP or his friends, and he chose to hurt her instead because she would ‘understand.’

The Break Up

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The OP was upset, and when she let the boyfriend know about it, he got really mad, saying he thought she would do everything for him. She told him that he was selfish and insensitive.

He then broke up with the OP after telling her that she was toxic and that he did not need such toxicity in his life. She told him she felt gaslighted, and this infuriated him even more.

Was She Wrong?

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The OP reached out to him to ask if they could talk, but he said he did not want anything to do with her.

The OP wanted to know if she did wrong in refusing to babysit the kids and if there were a better way she would have handled the issue.

The Masses Weigh In

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The Reddit Community synonymously sided with the OP, with most saying he was being manipulative and controlling.

One user said, “He was unable to manipulate you into doing what he wanted. The breaking up is supposed to get you to beg to get him back. It’s a power play to put him back in some kind of control and get you to do what he wants. Don’t fall for it.”

Good Riddance!

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Many people agreed that the OP dodged a bullet when her BF broke up with her, with some saying she should have broken up with him sooner. One user said, “GOOD RIDDANCE – it sounds like he was just using you. You deserve someone better.”

Another said that he was looking for a babysitter, “He would have broken up with her after the camping trip anyway, even if she found a babysitter. Dude wasn’t really into her.”

“Since you won’t fall in line, naturally he’s going to dump you. He never loved you, just what he could get from you,” added another user.

Right To Be Annoyed

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One person said that the OP had the right to get annoyed since he chose to hurt her instead of his friends, “You have to be incredibly delusional to say to someone “it came down to hurting my friends or hurting you, and I chose to hurt you” and expect them not to be upset by that, trust me you dodged a bullet.”

“I too would be horrifically offended that my bf felt he could fully hurt me in a conscious choice over his friends and be satisfied with telling me on top of it,” added another user.

He Should Have Been Better Prepared

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“He knew for weeks that he was having issues and didn’t communicate that with his friends. He had plenty of time to ask you beforehand instead of last minute,” said one friend.

Another friend supported her, saying, “Weeks is plenty of time to find someone and vet/hire them for a weekend of kid-watching.”

His Kids Are His Responsibility

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One user advised the OP not to worry since the BF’s kids were not her responsibility, “I guess you now know your real value to him. Free babysitting whenever he wanted. That would have been your future. Good riddance.”

“His children are his responsibility, not yours. Birthday or no birthday. It may hurt right now but you will soon realize exactly what you dodged,” added another one.

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