Why Is There Little Diversity in College Greek Life? “That Might Be a Little Controversial”



Greek life is a huge part of the college experience, but it has recently come under fire for its lack of diversity.

A TikToker who goes by the name Markian visited the USC campus to ask some of the girls why there is such a lack of diversity in Greek culture.

Rise of the Nepotism Babies

Many people believe that the rise of nepotism babies and favoritism within the sorority system has kept certain demographics from joining. Markian is interested to find out what the current members have to say about it.

@markianb Is this a worthy conversation? #sororities #greeklife #rushtok ♬ original sound – Markian

Markian got surprising results to his interviews.

One girl said she didn’t know if she was allowed to talk about the topic, while another simply said, “That might be a little controversial.”

Markian also spoke to non-Greek life students to get different perspectives.

@markianb There’s clearly a divide… part 2 #sororities #greeklife #diversity ♬ original sound – Markian

One sorority member was willing to talk about it.

“We can’t really help it if people of color or who aren’t heteronormative don’t rush,” she explains. “But we want to create a safe space in case they do.”

Markian concluded that racial divides do exist in Greek life, but that it is more prevalent elsewhere.

TikTok Reacts

Commenters on the video shared their own various experiences with Greek life.

“My sister is a plus sized redhead and was accepted to a sorority but she deff seems to be in the minority,” one user said.

“Was (unfortunately) in Greek life all 4 years. Needs to be abolished and restructured from the ground up. It’s inherently racist, classist, and ableist,” another user claimed.

“I was one of two POC in my sorority. I was called the dark horse in my sorority by the frats on campus. I was the token black girl and very much felt that way,” another user shared.

“Top sororities will not be diverse. Mostly because they cost so much and POC parents won’t see the value in it,” a user said.

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