Karen Posted on the Town’s Facebook, Lying About Her Experience at a Store; It Terribly Backfired on Her 



The original poster works at a home supply and maintenance store. From her post, it looks like they encounter “Karens” pretty often since she says her workmates have learned to hand over Karens to her because she handles them “accordingly.”

In this particular Reddit post, she made on the “Petty Revenge” subreddit, she narrates how Karen went to their store, made everyone’s work difficult, but later lied about her experience on a Facebook group.

Drop Everything Else and Serve Me Now

It was a rather busy day at work, and every employee in the store was already up and down. They were also short-staffed that day as only two employees were present in the appliances department.

One of the two employees was heading out for lunch when Karen and her husband walked in. They had come to purchase an appliance and found a line.

Now, instead of joining the back of the line, Karen started throwing a tantrum. She started demanding why the people in the line were being served before her. She even went further and started yelling at the employee leaving for lunch, asking why she was ignored.

This employee politely explained that she was off the clock, but Karen was having none of it. She insisted that she should be served right away. Already worked up, the employee asked Karen to either wait or go and get her business done elsewhere.

This annoyed Karen and her husband, so they called customer service immediately. This is where OP comes in; she was covering the customer service desk that day. Karen’s husband explained how unethical it was for the store to serve other men while his wife waited. He insisted that his wife should be served first.

OP laughed at him and told him that is not how things work before hanging the phone on him.

Sympathy Seeking Elsewhere

Karen decided to write a long post in the town’s Facebook group. The funny thing is she flipped everything over. She twisted the entire experience to make it look like she had been ignored and denied service when she refused to wait in line and cursed out an employee who was off the clock.

She went on to state that every employee in the store had insulted her and her husband when she had only been in contact with OP and the employee who was off shift.

There were a lot of sympathetic comments from people who believed her story. There were, of course, loads of the typical and infamous “no one wants to work anymore”  comments.

OP says she rarely checks her Facebook, but one of her co-workers brought the post to her attention. She instantly made a fake Facebook profile then joined the town’s Facebook group. She then went to Karen’s post and commented in detail what had transpired. She was trying to inform everyone on the post that Karen was lying. She went through all sympathy comments and redirected them to the comment detailing the truth.

In a few moments, the entire Facebook group had turned against Karen. There were hundreds of comments calling her out.

The following day, OP found that Karen had deleted her post. She has never returned to the store ever since.

Was this a petty or necessary revenge?

The Masses Weigh In

Was OP wrong for going above and beyond to ensure the truth was known? Were all the efforts really necessary?

Here is what some Redditors had to say.

“I love your petty revenge. That’s the best part of FB community pages. They are all sympathetic until they aren’t, and when they turn, they turn HARD.”

Another one who has worked in customer service said, “During the lockdowns, the Karens made me not want to work in customer service anymore, and I know a lot of people who felt the same way. A lot of us “essential” workers were treated like garbage the whole time, and people wonder why those jobs are hard to fill now.”

OP finished her post wondering if her actions made her a Karen, and she got this response, “No, you were NOT a bit of a Karen yourself. Defending against lies is not being a Karen. Standing up for your co-workers is not being a Karen. Commenting under each comment was petty, but not a Karen. Karen is something specific, and you sure as {heck} ain’t it.” 

Would you take the initiative of responding to hundreds of comments to prove Karen wrong?


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