Crazy Bride Excludes 20-Year Old Friend From “Child-Free” Wedding Because She Doesn’t Want Her To Drink



A Reddit user shares her situation of wanting a child-free wedding with the age cutoff being 21 and how one of her friends is offended because she was excluded from the wedding.

No Place for Kids

The original poster (OP) says that because she and her husband are child-free and will be having alcohol served at their wedding, they have decided that the wedding will be child-free with an age cutoff of 21.

OP says most of the people who were invited are fine with the rule since a lot of them don’t have kids either.

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However, OP ran into an issue with one of her friends, who is 20 years old. OP decided to exclude her from the wedding due to her age, but she was the only one from the social circle who was left out.

The friend confronted OP and asked why she was not invited. OP explained that it “wasn’t personal,” and she didn’t want to be worrying about underage drinking at her wedding.

The girl accused OP of being a bad friend and argued that it shouldn’t be a big deal since they had had drinks together before.

OP explained that it was different because they were both underage at the time, and now that she is of drinking age, she feels she has a responsibility to prevent underage drinking. OP also feels like she has the right to a child-free wedding.

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Still Not Taking It Well

The friend was still upset and began talking about OP behind her back to mutual friends, calling her “superior.” OP feels she is entitled to have her wedding her way and thinks her friend should relax.

The Masses Weigh In

One user said, “It’s weird that you would consider someone that is a year younger than you “a child”… yet think that YOU are old enough to get married ?! So close to being a child?!

YTA. You wouldn’t have to worry about underage drinking: the only person with that concern would be the barman.”

Another added, “Or her other friends are equally ridiculous. “Oh my we sophisticated 21-22 year old women of the world couldn’t possibly associate with a 20 year old CHILD like you. Go play with your dolls, dear. You’ll understand one day. Specifically June 17th, your birthday”

And yet another, “According to my favourite philosopher Taylor Tomlinson, you also shouldn’t get married that young since your frontal lobe is still developing. And the hypocrisy of them underage drinking together just a few months ago. her friend is lucky she gets to see what a bridezilla she is. YTA”

Does OP have the right to a child-free wedding? Was the friend justified in her anger? How would you have reacted in this situation?

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