Is She Wrong for Throwing Out Her Husband’s Dinner After He Went To Eat at His Mom’s Because the Food Was Better?



A woman posted in the AITA group wanting to know whether she was the ***hole for throwing out her husband’s food after he chose to eat at his mom’s.

My Mother Cooks Better Than You

The original poster (OP) says her mother-in-law calls them every evening- not to inquire how they are but to know what they have had for dinner. MIL will then go ahead and brag about what she had. She makes OP feel inadequate about her meal choices, especially if they have had take-out.

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Now, OP’s husband would request OP to make him dinner, only for him to go and eat at his mom’s, who lives 10 minutes away.

Whenever OP questioned him, he would pull out his “my mom prepared my favorite meal” excuse.

So, one day, OP decided to cook her husband’s favorite meal. She says she was busy at work but decided to take time off, so she could grocery shop and cook for her husband.

As she was setting up the table, her mother-in-law called. OP requested her husband not pick up the call, but he did. As expected, she asked what they were having for dinner, and when she was told, she was surprised that OP had prepared that meal.

She then said what she had cooked and asked her son to go over and eat. Shockingly, he accepted and immediately started dressing up to leave. As he dressed, he asked OP not to take any offense because what his mother had cooked was more of his favorite than what OP had cooked. He grabbed his car keys and left.

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Nothing Left for You

Feeling awful, OP took her husband’s plate, threw it out, and ate hers.

Afterward, as she was loading the dishwasher, her husband angrily walked in, saying his mom had not cooked the meal she said she had over the phone. Apparently, she just used the excuse to make him eat dinner with her.

He then asked OP to reheat his meal for him. OP told him that she threw it out after he abandoned the meal. She told him how much he had disrespected her time and effort preparing the meal but still chose to eat at his mother’s.

Infuriated, the man started yelling at OP, calling her horrible and petty. He even said what OP did was 1000 worse than what his mother did.

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What Redditors Had To Say

One comment that had many other Redditors talking said, “NTA. Why is he telling you to reheat his dinner? Did a t rex attack him and eat his arms on the way back from his mom’s? Did he try to catch a piano falling from the sky so it didn’t land on a child playing and all his fingers were broken? Did he anger a forest fairy, and she cursed him, and now he has two sets of legs instead of hands? Or is that him waving a huge red flag????” 

Many others noted how much of a momma’s boy he was. One comment said, “NTA, ‘go ahead and reheat dinner’ how about you pack your bag and go stay with mommy.”


Another added, “NTA. Why are you married to a mama’s boy who is ok with disrespecting the hard work you put into your relationship?”


And lastly, one straight-to-the-point comment said, “NTA, Stop cooking for him.”


What do you think about OP’s actions? Was she wrong for throwing out her husband’s dinner? What about her husband returning and still asking OP to reheat his food? What should be the way forward for this couple?

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