He Wants Her To DELETE Group Pictures of Her Ex From Her Phone But She Won’t Because She is Too LAZY



A Reddit user shared his story of getting jealous and yelling at his girlfriend after seeing group photos with her ex in them in her camera roll.

Amicable Exes

The original poster (OP) explained that he and his girlfriend have been together for four months. He said she is a great girlfriend and has many great qualities.

He only says he has an issue with her camera roll. She dated a guy for four years, and they broke up last year. She never talks about him unless she’s telling a story about their friend group, which he was a part of.

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She said they broke up because she realized they were on two different levels of maturity. They ended on good terms, but they don’t communicate anymore.

OP said he is upset because whenever she opens her camera roll, she scrolls past photos and videos of him and her. He said he has brought up this issue before but that she says she is too lazy to go through all 30,000 of her photos.

OP admits that the photos and videos aren’t romantic; they are high school photos and usually include him and her with their friend group. OP said that despite that, he still feels jealous.

The other day, OP’s girlfriend showed him a photo of her friends from 2018 and told a funny story. Her ex was pictured in the photo.

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OP became annoyed and said, “you have a lot of pictures with him,” and she replied, “well yeah, he grew up with me and my friends. We were kids together. It’s like a look back into my childhood.”

OP said that he didn’t like the photos, and she offered to remove them and put them on a drive. OP said that wasn’t enough.

She said that the pictures were precious memories she shared with her friends, and she wouldn’t delete them just because they were a couple.

OP admitted that he raised his voice and told her she should go back to him if the memories were “precious,” and she said “I don’t want to go back to him, but I also don’t want to be with someone who is emotionally insecure, I have enough to deal with” and then left.

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The Masses Weigh In

The Reddit community was not very supportive of OP in this situation.

One user said, “YTA. She is right -you are emotionally insecure.”

Another added, “Don’t you just love it when trash takes itself out? Here’s to hoping the gf stays strong and won’t take him back.”

Another chimed in, “YTA and deeply, insecure, immature and controlling. Your gf isn’t obligated to erase years of photos, from before you met because of your crippling insecurity. Grow up.”

Was OP justified in being angry? Should his girlfriend delete the photos? How would you react in this situation?

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Originally posted 2023-04-16 11:03:20.